Best Songs from Gorillaz's The Now Now

The Now Now is the 6th studio album by British virtual band Gorillaz.

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1 Souk Eye Souk Eye

This song as well as the whole album is amazing! Very melancholic and just sounds very, "hungry." that's the best way to describe it. Souk Eye just stands out from the others, no dought the best!

This is a great album closer, with a fair amount of progression throughout and a generally amazing melody. - kempokid

Heck no this song is awful - UltimateCraig

The shining highlight on the record, by far the best song.

2 Fire Flies

This song is very beautiful and the synths really have a big impact on me and give me the shivers when they drop

So moody and beautiful. It's the closest to Classic Gorillaz that this album gets. - MrKite

My favourite Owl City song - coonh8er

This song has a ver melancholy feel, especially at the start. This makes me remember back to El MaƱana which is one of my favourite songs. Overall this is my favourite song from this amazing band.

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3 Tranz Tranz

Best song in the entire Gorillaz catalogue! It's so powerful and haunting. I can listen to it on repeat all day! Way to short!

I like the beat throughout the song. The song is also very catchy in general. - kempokid

I've looped this song on YouTube one too many times

The upbeat rhythm and jumping around mixolidyan makes it an almost perfectly fun song.

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4 Humility

This album is pretty good but I think Damon lost the idea of Gorillaz being an experimental band. Now the music seems to be restricted to only disco, dancehall, and synth pop. It's not bad but I just miss the experimental mixup he did with the older Gorillaz albums. That's just me, though.

This song stands out the most to me. - Mcgillacuddy

I also agree that this album was lacking in certain respects, although I still don't mind it. - kempokid

I love the chill summer vibe that this song gives off. It's nice and catchy as well as extremely pleasant, with some really good vocals. - kempokid

I really liked this song. - Not_A_Weeaboo

How is this so low? - Toot

5 Sorcererz

I really like the vocals on this track, a I find them to be quite emotional. Russel doing backing vocals is also cool. - kempokid

Damon's vocals are hypnotic, I love it!


6 Kansas Kansas

The song is quite beautiful, especially with the great vocals and the combination of harsher, loud sounds and the pleasant background beat. - kempokid

They should have named it Kanzaz - Not_A_Weeaboo

7 Hollywood

I'm surprised this song isn't higher, it is my favorite song in the album. The beats are amazing and I'm shocked that Souk Eye is number one at the time, it's not even close to being as good as some of the other songs on this album.

This song took a couple of listens for me to fully appreciate. The chorus in particular is absolutely great, with a melancholic vibe reminding me of Demon Days - kempokid

"Hollywood is alright." This is more than alright! This Should be in the top 4. It's so catchy and fun to listen to. - Slipperyjack40

Snoop Dogg. Need I explain

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8 Magic City Magic City

The vocals are just incredible here and how it ends always makes me tear up

Another good song in general, but far from what I would call a highlight. - kempokid

This is the second best song on the album! What is it doing at number 9? - Toot

I love this one very much. It should be in the top 5! - Slipperyjack40

9 Idaho Idaho

A bit too simplistic for me to enjoy it quite as much as most of the album. Although, it still isn't bad. - kempokid

10 One Percent One Percent

This song is so underrated. - Toot

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11 Lake Zurich

Best, no question.

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