Best Songs Off the Gorillaz's Plastic Beach Album


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1 On Melancholy Hill

This song gets on my nerves sometimes

I just feel this song has a special something that really stands out. it is wonderful.

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2 Rhinestone Eyes

Haha suck it Eric

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3 Empire Ants

The midpoint of this song is AMAZING as it goes from a nice slow song to a groovy synth AMAZING ONCE AGAIN

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4 Stylo

This song feels very epic, the video fits it very well.

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5 Plastic Beach

Casio on the plastic beach

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6 Some Kind of Nature

Best Gorillaz song on Plastic Beach. The quirky sounding vocals from Lou Reed and 2-D's vocals added give so many emotions on this track. This track needs to be looked at more since it is a beautiful song.

Broken is probably a close second though... LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.

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7 Superfast Jellyfish

"That's Chicken."
Love it!

I find this song VERY catchy. - NoodleRidley


Don't WAIST TIME, no voting, for this you know this deserves, one, y'all know this don't waist time, what? U bee the colors of the mad and the wicked if u don't vote for this before the 24 hour sign

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8 To Binge UListen to Sample
9 Broken

its my band...
Where did it all go wrong

There's nothing what to do

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10 Pirate Jet UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Glitter Freeze UListen to Sample
12 Cloud of Unknowing UListen to Sample
13 Doncamatic

Worst gorillaz song of all time, and by the way the song is not even in plastic beach

14 Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach UListen to Sample
15 White Flag

I love the Arabic intro to this song. Very pretty, then you get a fast moving catchy rap song. My father who hates a lot of rap skips to Rhinestone Eyes for Albarns voice. I skip it around him to, but no one in my family knows that it is actually a favorite from Plastic Beach.

very good

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16 Sweepstakes UListen to Sample
17 Pirate's Progress UListen to Sample
18 Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons UListen to Sample
19 Orchestral Intro UListen to Sample
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1. Empire Ants
2. Stylo
3. Plastic Beach
1. Plastic Beach
2. On Melancholy Hill
3. Some Kind of Nature
1. On Melancholy Hill
2. Empire Ants
3. Plastic Beach

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