Top Ten Best Songs On Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City Hardcore

Liberty City Hardcore. Plays Hardcore Punk, Crossover Thrash, and Extreme Metal.
The Top Ten
I C** Blood - Cannibal Corpse
Dead Embryonic Cells - Sepultura
Right Brigade - Bad Brains
Dead by Dawn - Deicide
Slaughter of the Soul - At The Gates
Awakening of the Gods - Kreator
Call from the Grave - Bathory
Victim in Pain - Agnostic Front
Inner Sanctum - Celtic Frost
Drowned - Entombed Drowned - Entombed Cover Art
The Contenders
Fear of Napalm - Terrorizer Fear of Napalm - Terrorizer Cover Art
Just Can't Hate Enough - Sheer Terror
Blood Fire War Hate - Soulfly Blood Fire War Hate - Soulfly Cover Art

It's not an actual song on the station, however only the introduction was played for the station's feature ident. - christangrant

Enforcer - Leeway
Injustice System - Sick of It All
A Day in the Life - Murphy's Law
All Your Boyz - Maximum Penalty
It's the Limit - Cro-Mags
Back to Back - Underdog
Tell Tale - Killing Time
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