Top 10 Songs From Green Day's Dookie and Insomniac

It's hard to say the 10 best Green Day songs, so dividing it up, here are the 10 best songs from Dookie and Insomniac, two great albums.

The Top Ten

1 When I Come Around

List Creator: number 1 is When I come around - Luke72

2 Basket Case

List Creator: No.4 is Basket case - Luke72

3 Longview

List creator: No.2 is Longview - Luke72

4 Geek Stink Breath

List Creator: No.3 is Geek stink breath - Luke72

I'm on a roll
No self control
I'm blowing off steam
With metaphetamine

5 Brain Stew

List Creator: No.5 is Brain stew - Luke72

6 Jaded

List Creator: No.6 is Jaded - Luke72

7 Welcome to Paradise

List creator: No.7 is Welcome to paradise - Luke72

8 Panic Song

List Creator: No.8 is Panic song - Luke72

9 Pulling Teeth

List Creator: No.9 is Pulling teeth - Luke72

10 Walking Contradiction

List Creator: No.10 is Walking contradiction

List Creator: No.11 is She

List Creator: No.12 is Armatage shanks

List Creator: No.13 is Stuck with me

List Creator: No.14 is Having a blast

List Creator: No.15 is Brat

List Creator: No.16 is Stuart And The Ave.

List Creator: No.17 is F.O.D.

List Creator: No.18 is Burnout

List Creator: No.19 is Chump

List Creator: No.20 is No pride - Luke72

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An amazing song but for some dumb reason it isn't on this list?

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