Top Ten Songs on Green Day God's Favourite Band

I really like this greatest hits album and it's cool to get two new songs with it

The Top Ten

1 Back in the USA

I was impressed by this song and it's only right to put it in first as it is the only entirely original song on the album

2 Ordinary World

I love quieter Green Day songs like this as it's a change from the more intense music you usually hear. I prefer this version to the original Revolution Radio one

3 American Idiot

What a classic. I was surprised not to see more of this album. I think there should be less Dookie and more of this because it's Green Day at the peak. I was surprised not to see JOS or Whatsername

4 21 Guns

I love this song, it's my favourite from 21st Century Breakdown. Honestly, Know Your Enemy is one of the less good on the album and I think it should have been replaced with either East Jesus Nowhere, Last Of The American Girls or the title track

5 Hitchin' a Ride

What a good beat and riff. The best from Nimrod

6 Bang Bang

Great song, was surprised not to see Too Dumb To Die from Revolution Radio but this song and Still Breathing are better

7 Minority

An underrated song from an underrated album. I think Macy's Day Parade should be added in somewhere

8 Longview

My favourite from Dookie which had too many songs on the compilation and not enough American Idiot

9 2000 Light Years Away

The oldest on the compilation but it's still a good song

10 Basket Case

The Contenders

11 Oh Love

I don't care for the trio at all but this is alright. I prefer 8th Avenue Serenade from ¡Tre!

12 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
13 Holiday
14 Know Your Enemy
15 Brain Stew
16 Welcome to Paradise
17 Wake Me Up When September Ends
18 Still Breathing
19 When I Come Around
20 Warning
21 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
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