Top 10 Best Songs from Grey Daze's No Sun Today

No Sun Today is a album by Grunge band Grey Daze. It was their second album and Chester Bennington's first band before Linkin Park. You can search for it on YouTube to find it.

The Top Ten

1 Sometimes

The best song that displays the most emotion.

2 What's in the Eye

Solid and well done.

3 Drag

One of the more heavier songs from the album.

4 B12

One of the best songs from the album.

5 The Down Syndrome

Had to include it.

6 Soul Song

Like the other songs it's good to.

7 Anything

Almost top five worthy in all honesty.

8 In Time

Decent but not as good as other songs.

9 Hole

Better then Sickness but not great overall.

10 Sickness

Ok but not as good as other songs from the album.

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