Greatest Songs in Guns N' Roses' Use Your Illusion II

Use Your Illusion II is the fourth studio album by US hard rock band Guns N' Roses; released in September 17, 1991. It was one of two albums released in conjunction with the Use Your Illusion Tour, and as a result the two albums are sometimes seen together as a double album.

The Top Ten

1 Estranged

One of the best Guns N' Roses riffs

Should be 1... Because has a fantastic riff and 2 guitar solos!

This should be first - Leofeldman

Yeah this should be number 1 amazing song

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2 Civil War

My top 5 should be like this:
1 and 2. Civil War (awesome song, awesome lyrics, firt gnr song I've ever heard
1 and 2. Estranged (4 awesome solo's, farly underrated. )
3. Knockin' on Heaven's door (better than original, 2 awesome solo's)
4. Don't Cry (good song good solo)
5. You could be mine (good song)

Much better than Estranged in my opinion. I like Estranged well though, but this song blows it away in my eyes. - Metarock

One of the very few lists where the best song is at the top... - Metalliac


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3 Knockin' on Heaven's Door
4 You Could Be Mine


5 Don't Cry
6 Yesterdays

An amazing song about forgetting past mistakes. Super underrated in my opinion. - KyleDCrocodile

7 Locomotive

Come on dude, no one remember this 8 minutes of pure awesome?

8 14 Years

Izzy sings on this one and it is a masterpiece and the song and Izzy are underrated.

What's this doing down here - Leofeldman

9 Shotgun Blues
10 Pretty Tied Up

So Underrated

This song rocks. This is my favvorite guns n roses album but my world suc ked
My top 5 songs on this album
1 estranged
2 civil war
3 pretty tied up
4 don't cry
5 locomotive

The Contenders

11 Get in the Ring

Pissed off axl he not only like this in the song either lol this song made me laugh

GET IN THE RING YOU F****** P**** B****
Now that's Guns N' Roses there

12 Breakdown

this songs makes me want to cry. when guns n roses broke up :(

13 So Fine
14 One in a Million

What this song doing here? - Jaroslav-Lokomotíva

Number one no contest

15 My World

This isn't even a song - Leofeldman

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