Best Songs In Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction

Appetite for Destruction is the debut studio album by the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses; released in July 21, 1987 through Geffen Records.

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1 Sweet Child O' Mine

Great song, the guitar riff is fantastic and the solo is almost as amazing. Add in the lyrics and this song is a perfect blend of exciting and emotional.

The best riff of Guns N' Roses and one of the best hard rock song

Love a ll guns and roses... You rock!

Good but there's better like rocket queen, mr brownstone, and you're crazy

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2 Welcome to the Jungle

How can this not be the best...
Come on you can put this on a loop over and over again even then you never get sick of hearing that awesome intro from slash and the crushing vocals of Axl...
Guns N' Roses for life

This is the best song on the album but you can't go wrong with any of these songs.

Your in the jungle sweet child your gonna die

My all time favorite Guns N' Roses song

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3 Paradise City

I love all Guns N' Roses and I stared at this list forever trying to decide but went with Paradise City But I'm not sure the best album ever with the best songs ever is hard to decide on I t is a serious tie between Jungle Rocket queen Sweet child Paradise City nightrain and all the rest.

4 Nightrain

This is definitely one of their best hard rock songs, along with Paradise City, as well as one of the best choruses and solo from Slash. It's all about Sex, drugs and Rock N' Roll in this one.

This is a killer song. Killer solos by Izzy and Slash. Immense vocals. Quality drums. Bass was perfect. Can't argue. Sweet child comes second for me.

Everything was perfect in this song! The ending solo in this song is so underrated! This song should at least be in the top 3!

My list would look like this
1. Nightrain
2. Out ta Get Me
3. Welcome to the Jungle
4. Paradise City
5. Mr. Brownstone
6. It's so Easy
7. Sweet Child O' Mine
8. Rocket Queen
9. Think About You
10. My Michelle
11. Anything Goes
12. You're Crazy

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5 Rocket Queen

This is the greatest funk rock song ever produced. 30 years on and it still has all the emotion of the first listen. It's actually two songs in one, and idea they borrowed from George Martin's production of Strawberry Fields.

. Rocket Queen is a masterpiece. This incredible song has two songs in it, and sex noises. Hooked?

Just wow. Blows your mind.

A stone cold classic!

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6 Mr. Brownstone

Most of you will not notice this but as a guitar player listening to the two different guitar tracks one thing is clear: This track captures the true beauty and excellence that Slash and Izzy create combining their two guitar parts. Ranked 4 or 5 in my opinion.

Lyrically fantastic, who else can right lyrics so true and make such a fantastic song

So catchy cool and 80s, which is basically what I listen to - GuyInANateGrinder

7 My Michelle

Your daddy works in porno and your mommy not around

Should be top 3 at least

8 It's So Easy

Duff's intro, Slash and Izzy's riff, Steven's drums, and Axl's vocals are just amazing in this song!

Needs to be higher up.

This is awesome and should be higher. This is my favorite song of all time duff’s bass at the beginning is the best into of guns n roses

My list:

1. It’s so easy
2. Nightrain
3. Think about you
4. Welcome to the jungle
5. Paradise city
6. Sweet child o’ mine
7. Out ta get me
8. Mr. Brownstone
9. Rocket queen
10. My michelle
11. Anythin’goes
And finally far and away worst appetite song:
12. You’re Crazy

9 Out Ta Get Me

This song has always been my favorite. Just a straight up, badass rock song! Still gets me pumped every time I hear it!

My favorite guns song but it's at the bottom!

Sweet Child O mine was just a ballet to get girls to come to the show but this and Nightrain are the best

Forget Sweet Child O' Mine this is a cool badass Guns N' Roses song!

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10 Think About You

Great song! Awesome lyrics, Great guitar solo by Izzy Stradlin (Yeah, it's Izzy Stradlin not slash)

The 80's-est GunsN'Roses' song ever

This is the most underrated song in rock’s history, this song shows that Izzy Stradlin is the best member in Guns N’ Roses, when he left the band, Guns N' Roses completly changed, and this song should be at least 4 places higher in the ranking

The Contenders

11 You're Crazy
12 Anything Goes
13 Shadow of Your Love

Nice sog that should be in the appetite instead of you’re crazy.

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1. Paradise City
2. Welcome to the Jungle
3. Sweet Child O' Mine
1. Sweet Child O' Mine
2. Welcome to the Jungle
3. Paradise City
1. Sweet Child O' Mine
2. Paradise City
3. Welcome to the Jungle

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