Best Songs On Halsey's "Badlands"


The Top Ten

1 Castle
2 Roman Holiday

Amazing chorus and lyrics. Summer bop. - matt415

3 Gasoline


4 Drive

All we do is listen to this song, and all we do is think about how good it is, we have a good taste in music so we sit here full of pride in our lovely taste in songs! I love this song, another 11/10! - lovefrombadlands

Best song Ever!

5 Colors

Any damage the abysmal Young God and New Americana may have done to Halsey's quality in my eyes have been completely swept away by this detailed, controlled, interesting, and meaningful masterpiece. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

6 New Americana

This song sounds like tons of different songs that I've heard all in one - HalseyIsLife

7 Control

The best song ever! I love it more than everything except Halsey herself. Lovely music, 100/10 to you, Halsey. - lovefrombadlands

Her best song it needs to be at the top

I love it so much. Halsey rocks.

So Good! It's so powerful and unique, go Halsey!

8 Coming Down

I love it so much! The first verse is so amazing and it just goes upward from there. Of course an 11/10. - lovefrombadlands

9 Hold Me Down
10 Ghost

The Contenders

11 Haunting
12 Strange Love
13 Colors Pt II
14 Young God
15 I Walk the Line
16 Empty Gold

I love the vocals.

17 Hurricane
18 Is There Somewhere
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