Badlands - Lovefrombadlands 11/10 Reviews

I'm quite upset at the moment, so it's time to review a good album!

Hello everyone! It's lovefrombadlands and today, I'm going to be reviewing one of my favorite albums of all time, it’s so good that it's in my username. Anyway, without further ado, let's begin!

1: Castle (not the Winters War version).
Castle is one of the darker sounding songs on the album, making it not the best way to start, but that’s fine. It starts out with an into of noise that sounds like doors opening, and then gets into the beat. Halsey begins singing in a low voice on the verses, and the song changes to an electronic sound at the second pre-chorus where she repeats "there's no use crying about it" and then the upbeat chorus. I like how this song switches vibes slightly throughout the different parts, unlike Taylor Swift's Ready For It where it's so contradictory. 10/10.

2: Hold Me Down.
This is one of the more upbeat songs on the album. It reminds me of a vacation song, but not as much as the 6th song does. It has a tropical vibe to it on the verses, then when you get to the pre-chorus, it slows down where Halsey sings a line I don't like: "I sold my soul to a 3 piece, and he told me I was holy." "He's got me down on both knees, but it's the devil that's tryna'..." Then the song becomes upbeat again and she sings "hold me down, hold me down, sneaking out the back door make no sound." It doesn't have the best lyrics, but it's a really catchy song that's the perfect mix between alternative and pop. 9/10.

3: New Americana.
My first 11/10 Review was about how this song copied a song by Lana Del Rey called National Anthem. You can look at it if you want. Anyway, this is the closest to a generic pop song that Halsey has ever made, not Now Or Never. There's not much emotion in the verses of the song and I don't enjoy the references to things I don't like talking about: "cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles" and "high on legal marijuana." The chorus of this song has an echo effect, but it was very clearly copied from an underrated song 3 years before. The only original part is the third verse, which sounds good, but it's really auto tuned. 5/10.

4: Drive.
Whenever someone turns on their car, it reminds me of the intro music to this song. At the time of the album, Halsey has called it the only happy song she's wrote. It's a really soft and relaxed song with lots of car references. It also includes my favorite lyric ever, "all we do is think about the feelings that we hide." This is also a song where Halsey shows off her amazing voice during the breakdown. It's about being in love and not knowing how to tell them, and I rate it 11/10.

5: Hurricane.
This is one of my favorite songs on the album. It starts out with short intro, which is also played after she says the word "hurricane" in song 13. I feel like Halsey's voice sounds perfect and relaxed in the song, but it's not quite slow. It feel like it's telling a story, as the song starts out with "there's a place way down in Bed Stuy where a boy lives behind bricks. He's got an eye for girls of 18 and he turns them out like tricks." I wrote a version of this song about Trix yogurt, but that's very off topic. My favorite line in this song is "don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man." I rate this song 11/10.

6: Roman Holiday.
This is the song that sounds like a vacation song. It's very upbeat and the lyrics seem to be telling a story like the song before it. It seems like she is remembering events from the past. "Do you remember the taste of my lips that night I stole a bit of my mother's perfume? Cause I remember when my father put his fists through the wall that separated the dining room." Now let's get into the chorus. It feels like a vacation that was ruined when she sings "we'll be looking for sunlight or the headlights" and "we're headstrong and our hearts go on and the timing's never right." 10/10.

7: Ghost.
This song is probably what Ready For It was supposed to be, except this song is perfect. The song starts out with a nice and relaxed voice singing "I'm searching for something that I can't reach." Then it suddenly goes into what I would call a rap, and Halsey can actually do it. At the pre-chorus, she slows down a bit and the chorus is relaxed like the beginning. This is exactly what I hated about Taylor Swift's Ready For It, yet it feels so right here. 10/10.

8: Colors.
This is the only Halsey song that TopTenners praise, and this song clearly deserves it. It's a perfect pop song with meaningful lyrics, a storyline, and a beautiful voice. It also has a very famous lyric: "You were red, and you liked me cause I was blue. But you touched me and suddenly, I was a lilac sky. And then you decided purple just wasn't for you." The chorus of this song has an amazing beat drop and Halsey just sounds perfect. 11/10.

9: Colors, Part 2.
This is arguably the worst song on the album, worse than New Americana. It's an electronic song that is clearly auto tuned, and basically Halsey singing "everything is blue", then an annoying voice says "ooh!" and then a random line from Colors. I don't really know why this song was invented, 1/10.

10: Strange Love.
I have some mixed feelings on this song. The introduction music sounds like a pop rock song, which I liked. Then, we get into that first line which there are no words to describe how much I hate it. "Everybody wants to know if we ****** on the bathroom sink." First of all, gross! Second of all, it feels so unnatural when Halsey uses bad language. I was talking about this with someone before. It sounds like she's trying to make it sound powerful and it's not working at all. The rest of the first verse is fine, it sounds like a pop rock song, and that's something different for Halsey. Then we get into the chorus. The prominent line of the chorus is "But I don't have to ******* tell you anything." Like I said earlier, it's not working. The line could have easily been changes to "But I don't even have to tell you anything" and she would feel more comfortable saying it. The second verse if really good, everything I liked about the first without that line, but the third verse is kind of annoying. 7/10, I guess.

11: Coming Down.
This is one of the calmer songs on the album, which is good to come right after Strange Love. It starts with "I found God, I found him in a lover" which is quite a good line in my opinion. Her voice sounds soft, leaving it reminiscent of Is There Somewhere, my favorite song off of Room 93. The pre-chorus is the album's 3rd best (1 being Young God and 2 being Strange Love), the way she sings the word "where" lower than the rest of the words just sounds so cool in my opinion. The chorus gets quite repetitive with the line "It's coming down down coming down, it's coming down down coming down," but my favorite part would have to be the bridge. Halsey sings "every single night pray the sun'll rise, every single time make a compromise." 10/10.

12: Haunting.
This is a very good song. It’s a smooth sounding song, but I can tell that Halsey is using auto tune, but I like it here. It again has an electronic sound, making it Colors Part 2 gone right. Halsey sounds smooth on the verses, and she has a yelling tone on the pre-chorus, yet she’s still singing. Her voice sounds echo-y on the chorus, but for the second half of the word “haunting”, her voice drops to a much lower tone. I think this is a really unique song, 10/10.

13: Gasoline.
The beginning of this song sounds dark, with intro music that sounds like a guitar being played one string at a time. Then, she begins singing “are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?” in a hypnotic tone. It stays that way until her voice becomes more aggressive at the last few lines. Then some hypnotising music plays and Halsey begins singing the chorus in a dark tone. The second verse about the same as the first, but like I had mention earlier, after Halsey sings “do you call yourself a ******* hurricane like me?” the intro music to hurricane plays. 10/10.

14: Control
Control reminds me a lot of the song before it. It’s again a very dark song, but still catchy. Halsey sings her story in a low, eerie tone for the verses and she picks up her tone a bit for the pre-chorus. In the chorus, Halsey showcases her amazing vocals like she did in Drive, practically belting out the lines. This song is proof that Halsey is one of the most talented musicians of today, and I rate it 11/10.

15: Young God.
In my opinion, this is tied for Best Song Of All Time, along with Halsey’s later song Heaven In Hiding. It’s a relaxed and slow song with arguably some of the best lyrics on the album. At the pre chorus, she sings “I’ve been sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool for a while now, drowning my thoughts out with the sounds.” It sounds powerful yet calm. The chorus is also beautiful sounding, but the second verse has my only problem with the song. When she sings “if you wanna go to Heaven, you should **** me tonight,” like I mentioned in Strange Love, she tries to make it sound powerful and it’s not working! I still rate it 11/10.

16: I Walk The Line.
This song is a cover of an older song with a happy sound. Halsey’s version has nothing but a happy sound. Her voice sounds rocky, and she’s turning it dark, and it works so well! 9/10, because it’s not an original song.

Minus 2 songs, this is an amazing album, and I give it 10/10. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is better.
Bye everyone!