Best Songs from Hatebreed's Perseverance

Perseverance is the second studio album by the american metalcore band Hatebreed, released in 2002.
The Top Ten
1 I Will Be Heard I Will Be Heard Cover Art
2 You're Never Alone You're Never Alone Cover Art
3 We Still Fight We Still Fight Cover Art
4 Remain Nameless Remain Nameless Cover Art
5 Proven Proven Cover Art

INCREDIBLE song! definitely my favourite off the album. I actually haven't listened to Hatebreed in quite a long time.

6 Hollow Ground Hollow Ground Cover Art
7 Perseverance Perseverance Cover Art
8 Healing to Suffer Again Healing to Suffer Again Cover Art
9 A Call for Blood A Call for Blood Cover Art
10 Unloved Unloved Cover Art
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