Top Ten Songs to Have As End Credits to Your Life

Me and others have always wondered, "What about at the end of our life, we have end credits, like a movie?" I'm the only one that thinks about this? Sigh. Well, here's the top ten songs that I would play if my life had end credits.

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1 What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

I don't need to tell anyone how amazing this song is. Everybody already knows. It's simply Armstrong's best, and possibly jazz's best period. This would perfectly suit the end of my life, and I know many others could relate. - Alpha101

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2 A Day In the Life - The Beatles

This is one of the only songs to make me cry, and that's saying something. I never cry, for I am a man. Men...don't...just a second, I've got to wipe my tears-I mean sweat off my face. Anyways, this is my favorite Beatles song, and I feel that it would make a nice addition to my end credits. - Alpha101

This would make a beautiful song to play in the credits! Amazing list, Alpha101! - MontyPython

3 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Obviously this song would make my end credits. If it didn't, I'd come back to life as a ghost and strangle the person who compiled my end credits. It's one of the best songs in history, and while it gets a little stale from listening to it repeatedly, it is very meaningful, and tragic. - Alpha101

4 Imagine - John Lennon

This is one of history's most popular and recognizable songs, and it holds a powerful message. The whole song is about unity, love, and happiness. What more could one ask for? - Alpha101

5 Black - Pearl Jam

While this is a love song, Vedder's voice really shines in this song, and the lyrics are so touching. It's always been one of my favorite songs, and I would love to play it whenever my life comes to an end. - Alpha101

6 Cloud of Unknowing - Gorillaz

Who knew that a group such as Gorillaz could write something truly beautiful? Me, that's who. Whenever I first listened to the song, I had to hold back tears-I mean sweat. I mean, it's just so beautiful! - Alpha101

7 My Immortal - Evanescence

This song would perfectly fit the end of someone's life. The chorus is sad yet beautiful, and it has one of the most impressive vocal performances ever. - Alpha101

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8 In This World - Moby
9 The Bard's Song - Blind Guardian

A great acoustic ballad with amazing vox and lyrics:

"Tomorrow will take us away far from home
No one will ever know our names but the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow all will be known and you're not alone
So don't be afraid of the dark and cold
'Cause the bards' songs will remain, they all will remain

In my thoughts and in my dreams they're always in my mind
These songs of hobbits, dwarves, and men, and elves
Come close your eyes you can see them, too". - Metal_Treasure

10 Vielleicht das Nachste Mal (Maybe Next Time) - Rainbow

It's a beautiful instrumental piece so you can put any meaning you want. - Metal_Treasure

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11 Reason to Breathe - Electus
12 Anybody There - Rainbow
13 Thank You for the Music - Abba

I'm nothing special, in fact I'm a bit of a bore
If I tell a joke, you've probably heard it before
But I have a talent, a wonderful thing
Cause everyone listens when I start to sing
I'm so grateful and proud
All I want is to sing it out loud

So I say
Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me

I've been so lucky, I am the girl with golden hair
I wanna sing it out to everybody
What a joy, what a life, what a chance! - Metal_Treasure

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14 Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
15 Changes - Black Sabbath

Again, who knew that Black Sabbath could write a song that makes your eyes sweat? I mean, their lead singer's nickname is the "Prince of Darkness" for Christ's sake! But, yes, this song is amazing too. - Alpha101

16 I Remember - Deadmau5
17 Deathbed - Relient K

This song made an appearance on one of my other lists, because it's, ho to I put this, AMAZING! Just listen to it for yourself. My life was changed whenever I listened to it. - Alpha101

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18 Remember When the Music - Harry Chapin
19 Soldier - Gareth Emery
20 Lie Down In Darkness - Moby
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