Best Songs on Hollow Heart's Annabelle

Annabelle is an album by Norwegian band Hollow Hearts. It is the band's debut album, with a style that weaves in with different genres including Pop, Folk, Blues and Rock.

What is your favorite song off of Annabelle.

The Top Ten Best Songs on Hollow Heart's Annabelle

1 Parade

Track 2

The track has a rock-esque opening, which I like, which is followed by a smoother instrumental line. The lyrics are melancholic from what I've heard and the vocals are really solid thus far. I particularly enjoy the instrumentals, which have a steady balance between Folk and Rock. - CrimsonShark

Dang, sounds really good

2 When We Get There

Track 3

A more mellower track, reflected by the singer's pace and tone throughout, which is soon joined by a male vocalist in the background. The music is very subdued, presenting an ethereal feeling of sorts, and the lyrics about companionship definitely helps here. - CrimsonShark

3 Down To the Wire

Track 4

Another instrumentally subdued track, although the main vocalist feels vibrant. From what I see, the lyrics seem to be about yearning for someone, yet also expressing how one is missing someone, hence feeling "Down to the Wire". I feel as if it's a pretty good song to express your feelings towards someone, yet you feel melancholic about it. - CrimsonShark

4 Trouble
5 Keep Moving On
6 Into the City
7 Things We Hide
8 Red House Song
9 The Line
10 Peter
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