Best Songs On Iced Earth's Horror Show

The Top Ten

1 Dracula
2 Damien

Great vocals
Badass riffs
Awesome lyrics =

Excellent. 5/5. - Metal_Treasure

3 The Phantom Opera Ghost

Guys, the songs sample is wrong - it plays Dracula and not The Phantom Opera Ghost. - Metal_Treasure

I love the vocals of matt and that other girl. who is she I really wanna know :o

4 Wolf

Best power metal song ever

5 Ghost of Freedom

A great power ballad - Matt shows the soft side of his voice and it's amazing, too. - Metal_Treasure

6 Dragons Child
7 Frankenstein
8 Jack
9 Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh's Curse)
10 Jekyll and Hyde

The Contenders

11 Transylvania
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