Best Songs from Imagine Dragons' Evolve

Best songs from the album Evolve by Imagine Dragons

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1 Believer

Better by a long long margin than the rest of tracks on the comparison whatsoever...only remotely followed by Whatever It Takes and that's all you can savour from this album...THUNDER is the worst song off the album (infact their all time worst, hate to say this but just can't help myself from expressing the rage I felt after listening to this awful piece of crap )... lyrically limited, dull and annoying as hell...worst the way I've been a nuge Dragons Fan right from day one...and still am and 'll be forever...

Forget about the album...this is straight up among the top5 songs ever by Dragons...

Loved it right from the first few seconds...that intro with a drum blast was sensational..

This song feels so good to listen to while working out.

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2 Whatever It Takes

I love this song! Lyrics are great, music is dramatic, totally my kind of song. - Camaro6

Believer is pretty good, but this song deserves to be number one. It is so inspiring and everything they sing is true

Way better then believer

I prefer this over Believer. - Userguy44

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3 Thunder

The instrumental break is irritating and terrible - wriddhak

My favorite song with believer! I just love "Thunder, Feel the Thunder... Lighting and the Thunder! "

Love this song. So inspirational. Get the chills every time.

No. No no and no. Did I mention no? This song sucks. - Ashes

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4 I Don't Know Why I Don't Know Why

Lets be honest, it's the best opening ever

5 Walking the Wire Walking the Wire

The emotions this song transmit are so powerful... Amazing song.

This should be in the top 3

My favorite song - TheInsomniac

So beautiful. And it's not even completely a ballad. And the guitar solo about the wnd is my favourite part. This should be the fourth single, not Next To Me.

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6 Rise Up Rise Up

Meaningful, heartfelt lyrics about never giving up, mixed with an extremely catchy tune, and the great people singing the song make this piece of music a gem.

Please put this higher - Donutz


7 Mouth of the River Mouth of the River

The only song I've managed to remember since this came out

Beautiful... no other words to describe it

The best song in the whole album

Best song in the album by far

8 Next to Me

It's okay, but not one of my favourites. - Userguy44

Y’all need to stop sleeping on this song...

9 Yesterday Yesterday

By far my favorite from Evolve. Catchy, head banger of a chorus and a great message- as is with most of their songs. Love it!

BEST EVOLVE SONG! Actually all of them are the best...

10 Roots

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11 Dancing in the Dark Dancing in the Dark

Definitely in my top 5 favorites. Maybe number 3

12 I'll Make It Up To You I'll Make It Up To You

One of the best. Love that slight 80/90s feeling to the chorus.

Unique for a album like this

THE BEST FOR SURE! - UltimateCraig

13 Start Over Start Over

It isn't as bad as this list makes it seem I actually suggest you listen to it, Its not the best in the album but why are you putting it lower than yesterday

14 I Love You All the Time
15 I Was Me
16 Not Today
17 Levitate

This is from Evolve?!?!? - TheInsomniac

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1. Thunder
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