Best Songs on Imagine Dragons' Origins

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1 Natural Natural Cover Art

I love this song

"YEAH YOUR A NATURAL! " The only songs better than this is Bad Liars and Nickleback lol. Imagine Dragons album is AWESOME!

2 Bad Liar Bad Liar Cover Art

This song... is just, it brings me alive, I can’t live without imagine dragons, all of their creations are the greatest and I just love Dan Reynold’s Voice

Great pop song.

3 Birds Birds Cover Art

Birds fly in different directions... 🦅

4 Zero Zero Cover Art

A song with taste of imagine dragon's style. Wnts to listen continously

5 Digital

Loved the drum and bass influence, as well as the chaotic song structure

I love the chorus of the song. Especially the way that it is, but they should’ve wrote different verses in a different tone of voice. Overall, great song.

I thought it sounded like TØP

6 Machine Machine Cover Art

The most rock influenced track, and a good one at that

I love this song

7 Bullet in a Gun

Some of their best lyrics in this song

8 Only

People say it sounds like the Chainsmokers, and I'm like yeah, if the Chainsmokers were good

9 West Coast

No matter how crunchy imagine dragons get, there will always be that unique song

Great catchy song!

10 Real Life Real Life Cover Art

I love this song, glad to see it so high ^^

The Contenders
11 Burn Out Burn Out Cover Art

A very underrated, amazing lyrics that I can relate to

My favorite song on this album by far

12 Cool Out

Love the tropical summery sound of this one

This song just sounds so happy

13 Boomerang

One of the simpler tracks, but the melody is just magical

Dis should be rated betta

14 Stuck Stuck Cover Art

Lyrics are a bit basic, but the melody is amazing

15 Born to Be Yours Born to Be Yours Cover Art

I mean this one is more acceptable than believer... considering it was a single and could be considered this album. But >:{ Stick to what they released as the album >:{

16 Love Love Cover Art

I really like this one

17 Believer Believer Cover Art

Oh I love this song!

>:{ Get this off of my list >:{
It's from the last album >:{

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