Best Songs on Imagine Dragons' Origins


The Top Ten

1 Natural

This would be great, except the voice sounds slightly weird, too low. I like the lyrics and the tune though. - Camaro6

He really screams at one part. But I like it. He's really feeling the song. - Userguy44

This pumps me up and makes me crazy! I love this song! - Userguy44


2 Machine

The most rock influenced track, and a good one at that - mtndewlord

I’ve only heard part of it, but it’s good. - Camaro6

3 Bad Liar

This song is so relatable - HufflepuffGeekGirl

I like this one. - Camaro6

Great pop song. - Userguy44

4 Zero
5 Real Life

I love this song, glad to see it so high ^^ - Rathernotbenamed

6 West Coast West Coast

No matter how crunchy imagine dragons get, there will always be that unique song

Great catchy song! - TheHabsFan

7 Digital Digital

Loved the drum and bass influence, as well as the chaotic song structure - mtndewlord

8 Birds
9 Boomerang Boomerang

One of the simpler tracks, but the melody is just magical - mtndewlord

10 Bullet in a Gun Bullet in a Gun

Some of their best lyrics in this song - mtndewlord

The Contenders

11 Burn Out

A very underrated, amazing lyrics that I can relate to

12 Cool Out Cool Out

Love the tropical summery sound of this one - mtndewlord

13 Love

I really like this one

14 Only Only

People say it sounds like the Chainsmokers, and I'm like yeah, if the Chainsmokers were good - mtndewlord

I do see where people could get that but this is taking their style and making it way better! I love this song - Rathernotbenamed

15 Stuck

Lyrics are a bit basic, but the melody is amazing - mtndewlord

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