Best Songs on Insane Clown Posse's Wraith Shangri-La

The Top Ten

1 Juggalo Homies
2 Thy Unveiling

This song is the best song on the album! In fact, this is their best song that they have ever done! This was the song that they have waited YEARRSSS to make. But it is best to listen to it while you are actually going throuh the album

3 Welcome to Thy Show
4 Ain't Yo Business
5 Blaaam!!!
6 The Raven's Mirror
7 The Wraith
8 Crossing the Bridge
9 Cotton Candy and Popsicles
10 Get Ya Wicked On

The Contenders

11 Murder Rap
12 Birthday Bitches
13 It Rains Diamonds
14 Hell's Forecast
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