Top 10 Songs on Iron Maiden's Best of the 'B' Sides

Best of the B-Sides is a compilation album by Iron Maiden and was released in the Eddie's Archive box set which itself was released in 2002. The album is a bunch of B Sides to singles. However it does not include:

1. Total Eclipse (Run to the Hills)
2. Mission from Arry (2 Minutes to Midnight)
3. Baywater Ain't a Bad Place to Be (Be Quick or Be Dead)
4. I Live My Way (Man on the Edge)
5. Massacre a Thin Lizzy Cover (Can I Play With Madness)
and many other numerous live B-Sides

The Top Ten

1 Reach Out

This song has Adrian Smith singing lead vocals - christangrant

2 Prowler '88

A Studio rerecord of a song from their first album and this Bruce on vocals so it's better than the original. - christangrant

3 Wasted Years '99 (Live)
4 I've Got the Fire

Montrose cover - christangrant

5 Futureal (Live)
6 Juanita
7 Charlotte the Harlot '88
8 Black Bart Blues
9 Communication Breakdown

Led Zeppelin Cover - christangrant

10 Burning Ambition

The Contenders

11 Remember Tomorrow (Live)
12 That Girl
13 Cross-Eyed Mary

Jethro Tull Cover - christangrant

14 Judgement Day
15 A Rainbow's Gold

Beckett Cover - christangrant

16 Drifter (Live)
17 Invasion
18 King of Twilight
19 The Sheriff of Huddersfield
20 All in Your Mind
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