Top Ten Best Songs On Iron Maiden's the Book of Souls

The Top Ten Best Songs On Iron Maiden's the Book of Souls

1 The Empire of the Clouds

This is my new favorite Iron Maiden song. It's amazing to me how a modern Maiden song could beat their classic songs in the Number of the Beast and Powerslave era. But this is just a great song. Especially around the 7:00 mark and onwards.

A lot of Iron Maiden albums have their closing track as one of the best of the album, such as Hallowed Be Thy Name on Number of the Beast, or Rime of the Ancient Mariner on Powerslave. This is yet another example. This song is beautiful, and easily my favorite on Book of Souls. - Metarock

Iron Maiden's gems are usually found as their closing tracks and in their longest songs. This exceeds both of the qualities of some of their best songs, so I am very excited to hear it! - Songsta41

I never knew any member of Maiden could play the piano and I didn't know Bruce had it in him to write a song as long and elegant as this one. This could be one of the greatest Maiden songs. - Songsta41

2 The Red and the Black

The bastard son of Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and I find this one to be MUCH BETTER.

Bass the riff at the start epic, I saw them live in Melbourne during their book of souls tour and was glad to hear it live 13 minutes of heaven favorite off the album 6th favorite overall from maiden 1. Run to the hills 2. Running free 3. The evil that men do 4. Bring your the slaughter 5. Aces High 6. The red and the black

Yet #1 favorite bass open to a song

Amazing Song with great riffs and an amazing solo. At 13 minutes better than Rime of the Ancient Mariner in my opinion.

Made the hair stand on the back of my neck from the moment I first heard it. Epic guitar breaks throughout and superb sing along vocals. Outstanding

3 The Book of Souls

Interesting. Iron Maiden writes 2 songs over 10 minutes in 30 years, then releases 4 on two albums in 5 years. - Alkadikce

1 book of souls
2 empire of the clouds
3 the red and the black
4 if eternity should fail
5 speed of light
6 tears of a clown
7 shadows of the valley
8 death or Glory
9 when the river runs Deep
10 the great unknown
11 man of sorrows

Huge groove, great chorus and I love the middle section when it really picks up

Even though I haven't heard the album, I'll vote for the title track, because every title track on every album that Iron Maiden has done is just amazing

4 Speed of Light

This song was nothing like I expected to be. It's not the same as all their other music, which is definitely a step in the right direction for Iron Maiden. It almost sounds like Black Sabbath. This is an amazing song, I hope the whole album is like this. - Songsta41

Amazing it just came out. If this is the weakest song on this album this might be one of my favorite albums.

Tongue cancer ain't gonna stop this guy. - IronSabbathPriest

Love the riff and fast pace which doesn't stick to other songs on the album

5 If Eternity Should Fail

I would rather listen to a cover. Bruce sings the chorus like he's brushing his teeth while singing. - Alkadikce

2 days since the album has been released and so far this is the song that's stuck out the most, best opener since caught somewhere in time.

From the psychedelic intro to the hard hitting fantastic riffs and then that giant chorus! Bruce's vocals are at his best on this track. - wolphert

One of the Best Maiden intros ever. Very atmospheric. It takes you to a journey. It's one of the Best I'm songs ever

Opening track. And this is my favorite song of their's. from the album - zxm

6 Tears of a Clown

Heard its dedicated to a comedian who died of depression and suicide. Damn it what was his name

Rip robin williams

7 The Great Unknown

There are three types of Iron Maiden drumming
Tratata tratata tratata (like in the instrumental section of this song or The Thin Line's chorus)
Mid-tempo marching (rest of this song) - Alkadikce

This has become one of my all time favorite maiden songs. Amazing.

Simple an awesome song. Has become one of my all-time favorites of Maiden.

Reminds me of Isle of Avalon. - IronSabbathPriest

8 Shadows of The Valley

Recycled bits on the album:
If Eternity Should Fail - the instrumentals under the vocals in the verses sound exactly like the beginning of Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Speed of Light - the beat, the riffs, the tone and a part of the intro is a self-ripoff of El Dorado
The Great Unknown - the acoustic part is very similar to Mother of Mercy, and the double chorus is almost the same as the one in Isle of Avalon
When the River Runs Deep - the instrumentals under the verses are pretty similar to the ones in The Alchemist
Shadows of the Valley - intro is like Wasted Years, verses are like The Fallen Angel, chorus is like The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, the riff is a bit similar to Megadeth's Rust in Peace... Polaris
The Empire of the Clouds - some riffs in the solo remind me of For the Greater Good of God.

Honestly, all of these songs would remain the same quality without repeating themselves, I don't see the reason. - Alkadikce

Ah, this track is awesome. Even if it does remind you of Wasted Years - IronSabbathPriest

This should be higher on the list! At Least above tears of a clown!

Hey, they've used this riff before.

9 The Man of Sorrows

Favorite on the album

10 Death or Glory

Thought I'd vote it up because it kicks old school ass. First album since 7th Son I've loved every track but not convinced The Empire of the clouds is a masterpiece or even top 5 best on the album. Not yet anyway, I still have to listen to it another billion times so opinion could change.

This and River Runs Deep are way underrated in my opinion, for me the worst of the album are tears of a clown and the man of sorrows. If you take those two out, the album becomes a masterpiece.

This sounds as the truly Iron Maiden, you can feel the power in every single riffs and solos, Bruce's voice is a bid threat... Wow!

Seriously?! This song is amazing! Did people vote on this without even listening to the song?!

The Contenders

11 When The River Runs Deep

This song is so underrated death or glory is the worst on the album

This song is so underrated it clearly deserves to be in the top 5.

The riff kind of sounds like over and over by jack white

Why last? great riffs by Adrian and a catchy chorus!

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