Best Songs On Iron Maiden's Dance of Death


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1 Dance of Death

This song is high

I could keep listening to the guitar riffs for the rest of my life. The music will blow your mind. A must for every maiden fans

The solo Janick does is amazing!

Not only the best on this album, this is the best Maiden song EVER!

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2 Paschendale

This is a epic song about the war and is catchy as hell. Honestly this is 8 minutes of a dream it is just fantastic! Dance of death is not the best of here.

So Epic and Progressive!

So Epic and Prog!

Its like 5 different songs into one, it always keeps switching into a different kind of "epic". Also is one of maiden´┐Ż's "heaviest" songs, if it can be said so.

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3 No More Lies

Should be above Rainmaker. - IronSabbathPriest

Bruce vocals are just amazing in this one as he screams NO MORE LIES

Great riffs one of their best intros and outros but deserves this place,the other picking of the songs are horrible though

5 man this should be 3 under dance of death and pascendale better than rainmaker and journey man


I can't believe IT 5 NOT 3 I'm ANGRY I wish this was under 2 but whoever made this list sucks no more lies has amazing lyrics and the song is 7 minuets NOT COOL AT 5IVE

4 Rainmaker

This song is like my new favorite Maiden song totally awesome it should #1

This should be number 1, excellent song.

5 Journeyman

Iron Maiden created in this song a beautiful rendition of what life should be about. Not only we have the power to live, but to change our destiny. The most beautiful part is of course the instrumentation with acoustic guitars. A True classic. The best of the album - denglongfist

6 Monts├ęgur

Not as epic or great as the top two but surely deserves third place so it gets my vote. Vote this one up folks. Seventh is just ridiculous. Up The Irons!

7 Face in the Sand

Good song a very different style for Maiden I agree that it may not be the best but deserves to be higher - kieros

First and only use of double bass drums in an Iron Maiden song.

Not a bad song but #8 that's low this was a single of course dance of death and paschendal deserves #1 but this should be top 5 no more lies rules:-)

8 Age of Innocence

I can recommend the version with Nicko on vocals. - IronSabbathPriest

9 Wildest Dreams

Come on at least under dance of death paschendale and no more lies

10 New Frontier

What the hell are your talking about?

Very low great track

The poop song eats a good Jersey man poop head good boy poop

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11 Gates of Tomorrow

I love the riff and it doesn't deserve last spot at least 7 or 8

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