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1 The Trooper

This song is like the best song in the whole album and thats why its one of my favorites.

This one is easy, one of their best songs on any album

1. The Trooper
2. Flight of Icarus
3. To Tame a Land
4. Where Eagles Dare
5. Revelations
6. Still Life
7. Die With Your Boots On
8. Quest for Fire
9. Sun and Steel

It's a great song,one of their best

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2 Revelations

One of the best solos in music history and the song very great I'm understand that the trooper first but this song need to be second (I like flight of Icarus too)

My favorite song of the album but trooper is pretty good to, definitely one of the deepest and most mind provoking heavy metal songs

Definitely top for me. Love the progressive side to it. Great job Bruce! - IronSabbathPriest

Best solo ever, the riffs are hardcore on both studio and live.
BEST VERSION EVER on "Live after Death" (1985).

3 Flight of Icarus

My favorite iron maiden song after hallowed be thy name... Always has been my favorite vocal performance by dickinson - fidelcanojr

Better than the trooper or any other song in this album... Outrageous guitar work, marvelous singing that reveals a great story - fidelcanojr

This song flies on its way, like an eagle above all the others!

4 Where Eagles Dare

Where eagles dare was my first, and favorite Iron Maiden Song! - awesomedp900

Cool 2 I'm glad where eagles dare Is cool 6 min. Snd thid is my favorite iron maiden album my listβ†"

Where eagles dare 11/10
Revelations 15/10
Flight of icaurus 8/10
Die with your boots on 5/10
The trooper 14/10
Still life 12/10
Quest for fire 4/10
Sun and steel 13/10
To tame a land 11/10

Anything under 5 sucks
Anything over 5 rocks
Anything over 10 too ausome and crazy cool

5 To Tame a Land

This is one of their best! Very underrated song you got to listen to the middle solo section and the break that follows the solo. Harris is GOD!

5 this should be top 3 the riffs the vocals the guitar the drums this song is underrated but amazing my 5th favorite. iron maiden song

If u read the book Dune u will know this is the best on a gr e at album

1. To Tame A Land
2. Revelations
3. Where Eagles Dare
4. The Trooper
5. Still Life
6. Quest Of Fire
7. Flight Of Icarus
8. Die With Your Boots On
9. Sun And Steel

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6 Still Life

This song is so underrated. I love Bruce's singing on this one. The solos are great, too. - Origri

A catchy song which sticks inn yar head all the time if yar like it. People might thnk the opening is garbage and skipped to the next track but after that a spooky and catchy song about a pool which shows people things.

This song isn't my favourite but I voted just to praise it. It's very cool and different.

Best song ever written by a metal band!

7 Die with Your Boots On

Good song...that's it

7th? this is an excellent song - needs a vote

8 Sun and Steel

Very underrated song. I would put it at 5 or 6 on the list. My list would go like this:
Flight of icarus
Where eagles dare
Die with your boots on
Sun and steel
Still life
To tame a land
Quest for fire

I love the riffs. Way better than the trooper. - PureMayhem

Too catchy to be in last especially by quest for fire

POM is probaly my favorite maiden album but sun and steel is one of the reasons I love it. Especially the catchy chorus

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9 Quest for Fire

I actually like this song, I honestly don't think there's a single bad song on the album

I like the verses, but the chorus is silly. - IronSabbathPriest

Who would vote for this?

10 Still Life is the Best!

Still Life is the best song ever written by a metal band. Listen to lyrics it's mind blowing!

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11 Cross-Eyed Mary
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