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1 Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Solo is amazing and the lyrics are simply timeless. Maiden at their best making this also one of the best metal songs of all time.

It was really close for me between this and Blank, but I like Rime of the Ancient Mariner a little better. - djh101

My all-time favourite. Love this album though, even the lesser known stuff in the middle.

While this song is amazing, I think I still prefer blank and blank over this.

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2 Aces High

Best song in the whole world. No wonder its #1 here. UP THE IRONS!

This song has a purely awesome riff. - Songsta41

The perfect metal song

Great song by Bruce

3 Powerslave

amazing intro amazing chorus and amazing solo what more can you want - wolphert

First or second maiden song I heard. I need to get a newer version of this album cause it skips on this and rime

I just love it. The Egyptian riff really gets you into the mood and enviorment. Bruce's singing is just amazing and he really gives you the feelings of a dying Egyptian god.

1. Powerslave
2. Aces High
3. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
4. 2 Minutes to Midnight
5. The Duelists
6. Flash of the Blade
7. Back in the Village
8. Losfer Words

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4 2 Minutes to Midnight

A catchy song all to do with the Egyptian curse of midnight. There are cool words in this song like jellied brains and barrel of fun, golden goose is on the loose and lick the gravy its funny and cool!


1. 2 minutes
2. Rime
3. Aces High
4. Flash of the Blade
5. Powerslave
6. Back in the village
7. Losfer words
8. Duelists

5 Flash of the Blade

Probably the most underrated Maiden-song. It's my favourite, incredible song.

The guitar harmonies in the middle are similar to those from "Phantom of the Opera", a true stroke of genius, this song is my favourite Iron Maiden song of all time!

My personal favourite on the album. Such an underrated song - wolphert

6 The Duellists

Amazingly crafted song with superb vocals and quite possibly the catchiest chorus ever. The instrumental section in the middle is nothing short of fantastic. A true masterpiece.

This one is a real epic. You know this one, you know what Maiden is about. You will never understand why it was never played live. I mean we all know 20 versions of 'The trooper'.

Can't really decide which one I love most: The duellists, Back in the village or Aces High. This one rules by Bruces outstanding singing and the mind-blowing guitar solo. Up the irons!

Catches you in the heart

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7 Back in the Village

Most people just think "It's on powerslave, of course it's good" but don't appreciate it as its own song. Listen to it right now and tell me it's not a sick and perfectly executed song. - Songsta41

This song rocks


Its an intro to powerslave in a way
Its hard to believe that blank is higher than this haha man you guys make me laugh

Powerful yet maidenlike epic. One of the best. Great.

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8 Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)

Instrumental? Maiden? So low?

9 King of Twilight
10 Rainbow's Gold
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1. Aces High
2. Powerslave
3. Back in the Village
1. Aces High
2. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
3. 2 Minutes to Midnight
1. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
2. 2 Minutes to Midnight
3. Powerslave

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