Best Songs On Iron Maiden's Somewhere In Time

The Top Ten

1 Wasted Years
2 Alexander the Great

1. Alexander the Great 20/20
2. Wasted Years 20/20
3. Deja Vu 19/20
4. Caught Somewhere in Time 19/20
5. The Lonileness of the Long Distance Runner 17/20
6. Sea of Madness 17/20
7. Stranger in a Strange Land 17/20
8. Heaven Can Wait 13/20

I'm pretty sure a kid voted that rude comment under me. He just don't get it there's 8 songs but this is the top ten list. So we have to add empty ( and I'm pretty sure most of you know this )

1. Alexander the Great

2. Heaven Can Wait

3. Caught Somewhere in Time

4. Wasted Years

5. Sea of Madness

6. Deja Vu

7. Stranger in a Strange Land

8. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

This album is fantastic and it was very hard to order the bottom 3 for me because I love every song on this album - Derrick_Fox

This is better than wasted years but 6 man that's stupid who made this list is stupid and what the heck is empty I got every maiden albums but killers and heard all songs and empty ain't a song

3 Caught Somewhere in Time

This is no doubt my favorite track off of the album, its not as well known, the first few seconds of the album are filled with this AMAZING guitar sound, and the guitar solo is a WHOLE different kind of beast.

Best song on the album! Awesome intro that leads to a very fast and heavy song that makes you tap your foot and want more! Excellent galloping on bass Harris rules! - Maidenepiclover

In my opinion this is maidens best opening song ever! Has their trademark gallop in it. - wolphert

Not only the best song of the album, but to me this is the greatest iron maiden song of all times.

4 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

So sad it's rarely played live.

I love this song

1.The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
2. Wasted Years
3. Caught Somewhere in Time
4. Stranger in a Strange Land
5. Sea of Madness
6. Alexander the Great
7. Heaven Can Wait
8. Deja Vu

5 Deja Vu

Why is this Song down here?
In my opinion this is not just the best song on the album,
Its the best Iron Maiden Song ever.
The intro is perfect, Bruce's vocal part is brilliant, and just the solo.
Very underrated...

1 deja vu
2 the loneliness of the long distance runner
3 wasted years
4 Alexander the crear
5 caught somewhere in time
6 Heaven can wait
7 sea of madness
8 stranger in a strange land

What this is my favourite Maiden song this should at least be in top 3 wasted years is good but just so overrated.

How is this lower than sea of madness? Makes no sense - JCchrom3

6 Sea of Madness

Why is this the last song that's on the real album? Its amazing! Its powerful Heavy and fast at the same time and even fills in with some soft parts! Its underrated and probably the best song on the album

1. Alexander The Great
2. Caught Somewhere In Time
3. Wasted Years
4. Sea of Madness
5. The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner
6. Heaven Can Wait
7. Deja Vu
8. Stranger in a Strange Land

Even Stranger in a Strange Land is a amazing song. Every single song on this album is incredible, it's definitely Iron Maiden's best.

Both songs are great on this album, but sea of madness is my favourite.

Very underrated and my favorite song on the album

7 Stranger in a Strange Land

This album may be underrated but who gives A...

8 Heaven Can Wait

This is the 2nd greatest song off of the album, and happens to be one of Iron Maiden's most favorite live song. (After Fear of the Dark)

Easily one of the most underrated maiden songs

Dieses Lied ist sehr gut und gehört auf Platz 3

9 Empty

Best song 10/10 fact. - Derrick_Fox

10 That Girl

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11 Reach Out
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