Best Songs On Jay Sean's Neon


The Top Ten

1 Neon Neon

Very bad song. Music not good.

2 Luckiest Man Luckiest Man

Good song better than neon. Jay Sean sing this song beautifully.

Best song ever heard from jay sean...very catchy...

3 Words Words
4 Mars

Just amazing! The beats, the rap by rick ross; awesome lyrics! " I'm so high I'm wasted I don wanna come down"

5 Where You Are
6 Close to You
7 Worth It All
8 Deep End

Best Song of the year...

Greatest song it...Very too much Greatest...

Wow best lyrics and nice song it

Very too much good song all time it. Best Song.

9 All On Your Body
10 Passenger Side

How could anyone ever forget this song huh? So meaningful, the beat is so sexy! Juz love itt!

The Contenders

11 Break of Dawn
12 Miss Popular
13 Guns and Roses

Tells the love relationship PERFECTLY!

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