Top Ten Best Songs on Johnny Cash's: American V: A Hundred Highways

I don't usually list songs from an album, especially as this particular one only has 12 but this album has touched me deeply. It was the album I realised just how special Johnny Cash is. I think this album needs to be noticed. The songs are so beautiful and haunting.

The Top Ten

1 If You Could Read My Mind

I adore this song by Gordon Lightfoot but something in Johnny's voice... He sings it like he's telling you his own personal experience. - Britgirl

2 Help Me
3 Love's Been Good to Me

I really, really do love this song. It really touches me.

4 God's Gonna Cut You Down
5 Four Strong Winds

It's hard not to be touched by this song, especially by the way he sings it. - Britgirl

6 Further on Up the Road
7 Like the 309
8 Rose of My Heart
9 A Legend in My Time
10 I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now

The Contenders

11 On the Evening Train
12 I Came to Believe
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