MindCrime Reviews #2: Judas Priest - Firepower


As you probably know, they’re my favorite band with Iron Maiden, so I had to review this.

Track #1: Firepower
The second single that was released from this. It’s giving me flashbacks to all of their other great opening tracks (Painkiller, Electric Eye, Freewheel Burning, etc.). It’s classic Priest at its absolute best. 10/10

Track #2: Lightning Strike
The first single released from this. It’s a little repetitive in parts, but everything else is great. It just drips with Richie Faulkner. 10/10

Track #3: Evil Never Dies
This song is incredibly reminiscent of A Touch Of Evil. Which is actually my favorite song by them (maybe until this album?”), so that can never be a problem. It gets heavy, then it calms down and goes into a calm, yet chilling acoustic section, and then goes back to heavy. It’s got everything you could possibly expect from A Touch Of Evil 2.0. 10/10

Track #4: Never The Heroes
This song was literally just released last week (I think). It’s their tribute to soldiers.
Speaking of, a lot of the songs on this album just bleed with emotion. This one is no exception. Richie Faulkner plays a lot of licks instead of full solos. And that’s not a bad thing. 10/10

Track #5: Necromancer
Okay, so how it goes is it seems there’s a lot of heavy songs that are packed with emotion and then there’s heavy songs. This is one of the latter. It’s got some great riffs, and Rob is amazing on this song. Ian Hill has got to be the most underrated bassist in metal. The solo kind of reminds me of Ghost if they didn’t suck. 10/10

Track #6: Children Of The Sun
Sorry guys, but as much as I would have liked it, this song does not feature Bruce Dickinson. Like Evil Never Dies, it goes into another chilling acoustic segment and then gets heavy again, and launches into some great solos and licks from Richie.
I honestly have no idea what this song is about, though. 10/10

Track #7: Guardians/Rising From Ruins
Guardians is the calm intro to Rising From Ruins, so, essentially, it is one song. That being said, it’s the longest on the album total, at 6:29. It goes back and forth between heavy and calm. Ian really shines on this song. It gives me a flashback to Rocka Rolla in a few places. It’s got an amazing chorus, everything about this album so far is perfection. This one has some more great licks, riffs and solos. I even here some tapping in there in several places. It’s got a great instrumental break, carries entirely by the new duo that is Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner. It’s heavy, it’s melodic...it’s Priest. 10/10

Track #8: Flame Thrower
This one starts off with some awesome riffs, and then Rob starts. The song is another awesome, heavy track, with some great layered vocals in the chorus. Oh, that’s another thing I forgot to mention: the massive amount of layered vocals on this album. But it works. It contains some amazing licks, and it’s just flawless overall. 10/10

Track #9: Spectre
This song has a very weird, but awesome intro. It launches into an awesome riff, and then the vocals. You might say I’m a bad critic for not criticizing this album. Let me rebutt against that: I’m literally not finding anything wrong with this album. Everything is flawless. This song really reminds me of power metal, particularly Helloween. But done better. 10/10

Track #10: Traitor’s Gate
I love the intro to this song. The transition from the acoustic to the heavy riff is just amazing. Rob’s voice never ages, does it? This dude, after over 40 years of doing this hasn’t aged a bit. The song itself is just awesome. The solo is awesome, Ian is awesome...everything is awesome. 10/10

Track #11: No Surrender
It’s kind of poppy sounding, but that’s not a problem at all. It sounds amazing, it’s a poppy metal song, and Andy’s production on this song in particular is just perfect. It sounds like something from one of their 70’s albums, and he even says out in the cold, which is a song from Turbo 10/10

Track #12: Lone Wolf
This one is heavier than most on this album. It makes the title track sound like a pop song. And that’s a good thing.
The song itself is one of the weaker tracks, but not that this song has weak tracks.
The main riff sounds like something off of Dream Theater’s Train Of Thought. Which is strange, because Rob Halford did a song with Bruce Dickinson, who did a song with Dream Theater, which connects Judas Priest to Dream Theater. Hmm...

Track #13: Sea Of Red
This song starts off with an acoustic intro. It’s a calm ballad, but it gets heavy in the end. Okay...this is my favorite song on the entire album. It has everything that makes Priest who they are. Rob in this song sounds like Robert Plant if he sang better. This has got to be their best song in a while. I mean, a while. It has some amazing poetic lyrics, basically Lou Reed if he wasn’t terrible at what he did. This is one of the absolute best songs Priest has made, and that says a lot. By far the best on the entire album and is easily the best song they’ve done since Rob’s return. 10/10

Overall rating: 100/100

Overall, this is a flawless album. Every song on here is amazing. I dare to say this...it’s better than Painkiller.


This is much better, I see good points being made all across and a good amount of elaboration on each point. One thing that I learnt though, When reviewing an album that just came out that you've been hyped for, listen to it a few times, wait for a day, then listen to it one more time before reviewing. This way, the initial hype factor and possible bias is gone, and you'll be able to have a much clearer thought process while writing. A good example of a time where I fell into this trap was with the Psychotic Symphony album by Sons of Apollo, after being hyped about it for weeks and then listening to it only a couple of times before the review, I gave a very biased opinion of 98/100. After about 2 weeks, I rewrote that entire review with clearer thoughts and ended up giving it a 91/100, still good, but not flawless. Also, you should listen to Psychotic Symphony some time - kempokid

Okay, thanks for the comment. I’m not a very biased person, so the bias factor was very small. This is just a listener’s opinion. - visitor

I'm not a biased person either, but it's something that can occasionally happen, even so I just think it's something to keep in mind - kempokid

You're a really good music critic. Very good review. Also, I don't know any of those songs. - visitor

Thank you. - visitor

After a while, I can confirm the 100/100 rating was justified. - visitor