Top Ten Songs from June 2016 - December 2016

Well I'm gonna make my second list involving this kind of thing & once again this is based of my personal taste and iTunes playlist ok so I might not add songs that were popular during that time frame due to me not having them ok.

People are allowed to add songs that I haven't added but try to understand this is based off of my own opinions so go ahead and vote and add if you think of one!

The Top Ten

1 My Champion - Alter Bridge

One of my fave songs on late 2016 and for good reason it's an awesome song by Alter Bridge! Actually there Last Hero album was pretty good if you asked me! Check out their other songs too like Show me a Leader and others! - Curti2594

2 Feel Invincible - Skillet

Oh man This song I can't get tired of! It's just incredible and it's got a great sound to it.
I've heard this song a lot at Hockey game sand other places and it gets me feeling awesome!
Seriously good song by Skillet! This song made it onto Rock Band 4 awesome! - Curti2594

3 Still Breathing - Green Day

I actually really like this song. I was surprised it was Green Day as it doesn't really sound like them. Also quite like Revolution Radio. - Britgirl

An absolute brilliant song by these Punk Rock Legends! Glad to hear them back and making some great songs! Revolution Radio, Troubled Times & Still Breathing are my favorites! This song is really good and it sounds great! and it also made it onto Rock Band 4 which I like playing! - Curti2594

4 Born Again Tomorrow - Bon Jovi

This is awesome and I'm glad Bon Jovi made some more great songs! I chose this one because it is my fave from the album! I also enjoy This house is not for sale & Scars on this Guitar(which it's quite emotional song) Born Again Tomorrow is really good and I love the sound and the way it flows well! - Curti2594

5 Take Me Down - The Pretty Reckless

It's a pretty sick song by Pretty Reckless! - Curti2594

6 Chainsaw - Nick Jonas

This is a rather emotional song like it makes you feel! Awesome song by Nick Jonas! - Curti2594

7 The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold

It's a super long song and on Rock Band 4 it's a tiring one to play but it's a amazing piece of music! - Curti2594

8 Let's Hurt Tonight - OneRepublic

This song is sooo good and it's really a heart string puller. The Title says everything too! - Curti2594

9 HandClap - Fitz & The Tantrums

I can make your hands clap - Curti2594

Really catchy, this one keeps stucking in your head but doesn't get annoying. Thumbs up! - Organ

10 Crooked Teeth - Papa Roach

It's a wonderful kicking song! P-roach is awesome! - Curti2594

The Contenders

11 Be Here Long - NeedToBreathe

This song is such a beautiful and sad song! It's an amazing song not their most known from this album but I love it! - Curti2594

12 Mercy - Shawn Mendes
13 Hardwired - Metallica
14 Insane - Korn
15 Dark Necessities - Red Hot Chili Peppers
16 The Devil's Bleeding Crown - Volbeat
17 Stuck in Your Head - I Prevail
18 Starboy - The Weeknd
19 Closer - The Chainsmokers
20 24k Magic - Bruno Mars
21 Coming Back - Scenic Route to Alaska
22 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift
23 Misty - Natewantstobattle
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