Best Songs on Justin Bieber's Journals

The Top Ten

1 All That Matters

Probable his best song ever

How is this not number one!?

Taylor Swift can write song much better than you.If you think your stupid Believe World Tour is the biggest tour in the world, think much back.Your Believe album is nothing to compare to Swift's Red because the album sold about 1.23 milion in first week not like your Believe, it just sold about 350,000 copies in first week.So the reason many teen girls love you because you seem's so cool,not your voice or your song. - BeaM456

2 Heartbreaker

This song is gonna make me a Justin Bieber fan all over again lol

3 Confident
4 What's Hatnin' Feat. Future
5 Memphis
6 Change Me
7 Roller Coaster
8 Backpack
9 Hold Tight
10 Swap It Out

The Contenders

11 Bad Day
12 Recovery
13 One Life
14 All Bad
15 Flatline
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