Best Songs On Justin Bieber's The Purpose


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1 Love Yourself

This song is awesome - Raghavbakshiultimate

This Would Be Better If Ed Sheeran Sung It.

I was actually thinking about how it sounded like an Ed Sheeran song. - RalphBob

Probably the best song of a bad singer.

His voice completly matches with the song

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2 What Do You Mean?

What do you mean deserves number 1 place. It's amazing. I love this song

Nice song it should be at the ist

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3 Sorry V 3 Comments
4 Company

This is surely one of JBs best song just love to listen to it I LOVE JUSTIN AND EVERY OF HIS SONG

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5 I'll Show You V 1 Comment
6 The Feeling V 2 Comments
7 No Sense
8 Children

When a song is meaningful and can get you movin on the dance floor, you know it's real

Why isn't this song in the top five?

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9 No Pressure
10 Life is Worth Living

A very underrated track, if he did this live at some big event then the song would do great as a single.

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11 Mark My Words
12 Where Are U Now V 1 Comment
13 Been You
14 Purpose

Had this song on repeat. It's really nice :,) - DivixBucti

15 We Are
16 Trust
17 The Most
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