Best Songs from Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak

Kanye Wests top 10 best songs from 808s & Heartbreak. Truly a album way ahead of its time, and one of Mr. West's most interesting releases.

The Top Ten

1 Heartless

Top 3 Kanye songs

One of my favorite songs - deluxecring

2 Love Lockdown

One of his most emotional and capturing songs.. drums are intense and he goes out in this one

3 Street Lights
4 Paranoid
5 Welcome to Heartbreak

An underrated track in my opinion and better than Heartless

6 Amazing
7 Say You Will
8 Coldest Winter
9 Robocop
10 Bad News

The Contenders

11 See You In My Nightmares
12 Pinocchio Story
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