Best Songs from Kanye West's the Life of Pablo

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1 Ultralight Beam

Hands down one of the best Kanye West songs of all time
The choir,Chance,Kanye,the sample, everything about this song is beautiful

Amazing song that perfectly blends kanye's rap with choir music. Chance's verse is one of the best guest verses of all time.

Kanye's take in mixing gospel and rap is a fresh new style that gladly makes this album better.

It reminds me of the morning... things will get brighter soon

2 Real Friends

Definitely the best song in this Album and should be rightfully so in my opinion, Kanye captivates the meaning of true friendship and portrays it in this masterpiece of a song, he makes us think and feel of our own past experiences with friends as well as moving us with his own.

Next to Ultralight Beam, this is one of Kanye's greatest new era tracks. The verses from Ye and Dolla $ign flow so smoothly with the rhythm and the lyrics are very well-written. - Mcgillacuddy

Has great blend along with the phenomenal beat in the back round that sets the song the whole time. Great lyrics and mixing with ty dolla sign add for a great feel throughout the song.

3 No More Parties in L.A.

Normally Kendrick bodies anyone he's in a song with, but it gotta go to Kanye who made this song, his flow and rapping skills are unbelievable when he really wants to show off his skills.

Kanye's verse is the best I heard from him in a long time. The beat goes really well with both Kanye and Kendrick.

This song is dope, best of the album by far

Kendrick makes the song

4 Wolves

Best song from the album. Beats ultralight beam also. This is very underrated. Kanye should release a proper video for this. It will grab your attention in the first listen itself. It lacks beats, that sucks but it's a chartbuster!

5 Famous

Very close between famous and ultralight beam but famous is so good!

Kanyes most Kanye song ever


God Damnit I Thought It Was At Number One :(

6 Saint Pablo

I wish it was here when it was firstly released its really the best song on the album best beat best sample best verses best chorus and the most honest song

Most personal and introspective song off the album. Similar to Real Friends, it acknowledges his present day issues. In addition, it is made great by a soothing hook from Sampha.

Probably one of the most true songs on the album. Must listen to the lyrics type.

Best song on the album


The weekend is my favorite thing about this song - Ajkloth

The weeknd is great on this track

It doesn't beat ultralight beams, but I would say this song is a close second or third. This albumm is great.

Amazing... this is what artistry is about
singing then rapping
simply beautiful

8 Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1

This song has such great beats, followed by a powerful message!

And why isn't this higher?! - MemeTheKeem

What a banger though


9 30 Hours

Ye's flow on this song is his best on ALL of Pablo...

Great beat, great sample...

10 Waves

This song has Chris Browns best vocals, it has the best production on this album, it is catchy, Kanye's verse is easy to remember, how is this not top 5?

This song is so energizing I love it. it's my favorite on the album - Ajkloth

Awesome song.. Chris Brown 😍😍

The Contenders

11 Fade
12 Feedback

Very underrated

13 Facts (Charlie Heat Version)
14 Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 2
15 Highlights
16 Frank's Track
17 I Love Kanye

Not only the best song on the album, it's the rap song ever. It can also be considered the best song EVER!

Bruh its not that good

18 Freestyle 4

This song is such a banger, and so hype. How is it so low?

19 Silver Surfer Intermission
20 Low Lights

Great sample, daddy

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