Best Songs From Kanye West's Yeezus

The best songs out of the 10 songs on Yeezus by Kanye West. Keep in mind everybody is going to have different opinions for each song.

The Top Ten

1 Blood on the Leaves

No compare, the best and most powerful song on this album.

Such a powerful song with deep meaning in the lyrics. This song just slightly beats New Slaves, though. Two great Kanye songs.

I literally can't decide between this and Black Skinhead - Iam_rsdxii

2 Black Skinhead

Better than New Slaves in my opinion. - EmperorAguila

Best song in album and most powerful

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3 New Slaves

There are only like three songs on this album that I enjoy, but new slaves is the only one I actually LOVE. This is one of his best songs he's done in years

I should vote for Hold My Liquor but Let me remind you this was nominated for a grammy for best rap song - steelers03

Kanye Wests comeback solo

Interesting lyrics

4 Hold My Liquor
5 Bound 2

This song makes you think, about a lot of things in life. Love is one of them

6 Guilt Trip

Beautiful vocals and relaxing beat but at the same time manages to be suprising at every turn with the help of Great lyrics from Yeezus himself

7 I Am a God

I love the sample and beat but not the lyrics and message. - venomouskillingmachine

No really, someone should give him his damn croissant.

Best one by far. The reggae intro is incredible!

Good,but Eminem verse is much better.

8 I'm in It

It's basiclly really cool trap

9 Send It Up
10 On Sight


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