Best Songs from Karnivool's Themata

Themata is the debut full-length album by the Australian progressive rock band Karnivool. The album was released independently on 7 February 2005, and was distributed via MGM Distribution

The Top Ten

1 Roquefort

I absolutely adore the opening riff, showing some really great messing around with rhythm and time signatures. This riff continues throughout the song, and is definitely a massive part of why I love this song so much, as it keeps switching between a really tame sound, to something extremely groovy and fun. The vocals also have a certain playfulness to them that works extremely well with this song, further elevating it. - kempokid

2 Themata

I love the slight Egyptian/Middle Eastern sound the song has, especially how good the keyboards sound. The energetic verses are great to listen to, and the chorus is nothing short of breathtaking in its power. - kempokid

3 Synops

I really love the vocals here, being slightly darker compared to other songs on the album, with particular vocal melodies that almost sound like something Leprous would write. - kempokid

4 Fear of the Sky

I find the chorus to be very catchy and fun, with great riffs to back it up, and once again, ending very well. A bit more of the technical side of the band is shown here as well. - kempokid

5 Cote

I like the slower start this album has, being quite quiet at the start and gradually building up throughout. The vocals are emotional and quite pleasant, and the chorus is reasonably good. - kempokid

6 Mauseum

While the vocal melody leaves something to be desired, the riffs definitely make up for it. There isn't too much that stands out about this one, it's just a high quality song all around. - kempokid

7 Scarabs

A really chaotic instrumental that continuously builds in intensity as it progresses, stopping and then becoming more frantic, further picking up the pace until the very end, short, but really entertaining. - kempokid

8 Shutterspeed

Despite having some decent energy and a decent riff that's rhythmically of interest, the song is quite repetitive, with the main portion of the song being fun, but somewhat uninteresting, although the last minute is very high quality. - kempokid

9 Sewn and Silent

When I keep ending up comparing this song to Psychostick's Prozac Milkshake, it's not a good sign. While Prozac Milkshake was a great song due to how funny the lyrics were and the whiny style wokring in favour of these lyrics, this has none of the irony to it, instead being one of the weakest songs on the album. - kempokid

10 L1fel1ke

This song is pretty bad all things considered, sounding like a poor hybrid between Disturbed and Korn, taking none of the good elements of them, and instead making a really dull song. - kempokid

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