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1 Hot N Cold Hot N Cold

Such an awesome song really
Just too good guys!
Makes you know what life really is!
Can be hell and even heaven at times

Tone of this song is really very awesome �This is so catchy! It so like its true! And YUP! It's the best song that's invented! It describes what a person does. Chorus: Cause your hot and your cold, your yes then your no! Its like so quantity!

Yeah this song is so catchy even I can hear 3 year-old kids kept remember and singing it everyday. I'm so loving it! Go girl!

I like hot n cold is good songs make me happy hope to play it
on magic radio stations I hope to win music awards we love you

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2 I Kissed a Girl I Kissed a Girl

It's a very nice song for my love katy.. Every time I hear this song I love it more... I feel that like I hold katy by her self she is so smooth and strong... I love you katy forever...

Its totally amazing it makes me crazy every time I hear this song

hard and awesome and crazy amazing and when I hear it I wanna dance all time I guess it must be the best song and the first one not the second

I kissed a girl is an excellent song best Katy Perry song it should be 1st on the list but it is 2nd so whatever I shouldn't be complaining
It's an epic song if you have not heard the song listen to the sample or you tube the song
Katy Perry is awesome ♥.

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3 Waking Up In Vegas Waking Up In Vegas

I think just love how the tune fits everything and how she sings shes amazing I love her

I loved the video of this song. she has so cute expressions and really nice dress.. hehehe

I like the video but music is cool.
It's one of my favorite music video.

Shut up and out your money where your mouth is Katy haters! I love Katy perry!

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4 Thinking of You Thinking of You

this song is amzing. I really like the video and it nearly mad me cry. Katy Perry is amazing! I love her load :) I would of voted for last friday night or firework if it had been a choice though but this is still an amzing song :D :D Katy perry ftw not Rihanna so back away ye ye

this song is the best song ever made and katy perry is just pure beautiful

There might be some more catchy songs in this album but for me "Thinking of You" is the best song Katy ever wrote, It's just pure emotion.

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5 One of the Boys One of the Boys

I like this song, good beat to it. Katy sounds amazing in this song, great lyrics and meaning to it. I wish Katy can make more music like this. One of the boys was her best album. I heard about the feud between her and Taylor, Taylor can't even make music this good, her songs feel bland like bad blood, Katy is much better.

It has a meaning behind it, not just a silly song, seems a bit more grown-up.

The title tracks are always awesome! This song is easy to relate to.

I like this song, very good.

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6 Self Inflicted Self Inflicted

A great song my list for this album would be 1 fingerprints 2 self inflicted and 3 if you can afford me

This has true meaning to it, unlike most songs today about money.

7 Fingerprints Fingerprints

I like hot and cold, but I feel this song is more deserving of the number one spot

Love this song. Deserves to be top - Hollybrewer

Sounds like a Green Day song, I like it.

I am voting till it is at the top - Hollybrewer

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8 Ur So Gay Ur So Gay

Amazing! Just Amazing!
A song everyone should hear and make their ear feel good about it!
I falled in love with it
You will all too!

this song is brilliant(:
we all know someone like the guy she describes in this song :p

This song should be at the bottom, or even better, it shouldn't exist!

I luvvv Katy but this song is full of explicit words then randomly at the end she says pen*s

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9 The One That Got Away The One That Got Away

MY favorite Katy Perry song.. I think this song is perfect. I SO LOVE IT. If you haven't heard this song before, you should head to youtube right after you read this. YOU WONT REGRET promise! 100% great song!

This song should not be here. This is from the teenage dream album. It should not be here and that is why it is not top. My opinion. This song should be moved to teenage dream. Okay sorry if I was a bit harsh but I am a huge fan and I have every single cd except for katy Hudson but from one of the boys to prism so take it from an expert. Great song though. - Hollybrewer

My eyes fell in tears wonderful song every body here should hear this song once the best song of katy perry just love it my favorite and the video is just so awesome

This is from teenage dream

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10 If You Can Afford Me If You Can Afford Me

This is the best song on the album. You should listen to it before you vote for any of the singles.

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11 I'm Still Breathing I'm Still Breathing
12 Lost Lost

This song makes you feel at home.

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13 Mannequin Mannequin
14 I Think I'm Ready I Think I'm Ready

"Cause you send me flowers when there's no occasion, yeah we talk for hours, you still want to listen, won't hold it agaisnt me if I just need you to hold me tonight" This makes my Katy Perry TOP 3, alongside Growing Pains and Brick by Brick!

15 A Cup of Coffee

I have this album but don't remember this song at all

Perfect wake-up song... oh wait, it doesn't exist!

16 Electric Feel
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