Best Songs From Katy Perry's Teenage Dream - The Complete Confection


The Top Ten

1 Wide Awake
2 Part of Me

Wide Awake is a close 2nd! - NintendoROCK3T

3 Dressin' Up
4 The One that Got Away
5 E.T.
6 Teenage Dream

YOU! MAKE! ME! Feel like I'm living a, TEENAGE! DREAM! The way you turn me on, I! Can't! SLEEP!

7 Who Am I Living For?
8 Firework
9 Last Friday Night
10 California Gurls

The Contenders

11 Not Like the Movies

Great song. It tells us than real life is not so easy as we see in the movies. Please vote!

I love it. Inspirative and emotional. It is telling us that we should be caerful because our life is not a movie and in a real life it is not so easy

12 Peacock

Really good

13 Hummingbird Heartbeat
14 Circle the Drain

Its amazing

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