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1 The Blacker the Berry

This album wasn't supposed to be about kendrick just rapping about stories, it's supposed to be symbolic of how racism is still around. I saw a comment that said the album was disappointing; well the album isn't supposed to have number one hits, it's more about dealing with issues in the world not about songs with good beats and rap verses. Considering that, the Blacker the Berry still was a single, and I thought it was very good, and I got chills when I heard the last few lines."Hypocrite! "

Alright is my favourite on the album but I can respect this song on number 1.It has a powerful message due to the great lyrics & it is also one of my favourite by King Kendrick

Harsh beat, socially charged themes and impressive lyrics, sounds like the perfect recipe for a great Kendrick song.

Kendrick has been writing this song for some years. The day he heard about the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin he was filled with rage. So he put al that rage into this song, which is why its number 1.

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2 U

This is my personal favorite. Kendrick's voice is incredibly realistic and the story that he vividly weaves over the haunting production is perfect.

Out of all the classic tracks on this album, it's very hard to choose a bonafide #1 track. There's at least 5 songs that could be considered the best, but the first time you hear U... man. The emotion on this track is in its rawest and most vulnerable state as Kendrick gives us a real perspective of the depression he was going through whilst becoming a global icon. Other #1 worthy tracks: The Blacker the Berry, I, Hood Politics, King Kunta

The emotion that this song makes me feel is incomparable with any other on the album (maybe comparable to how much a dollar cost), but u is definitely my favorite. The story has Kendrick's magnificent storytelling spiced with subtleties about social problems and persoal criticism.

You can feel the emotion through the song and can see the pain he is going through, and using excellent storytelling while making it rhyme. My overall favorite TPAB song.

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3 King Kunta

Wow, almost every comment has been negative on this song so far. I gotta ask: why? The lyrics have ths simplest premise on the album, and the funky production is literally perfect. The stunning bassline, the wiry percussion, the bass riff, the insanely catchy guitar melody that anchors the entire song from the 1:15 point, and that scratchy guitar solo at the end just in case it wasn't amazing enough. Every element just builds up, until an ultimate point in fullness, where it completely collapses. - WonkeyDude98

I like the rest of the album. I just think the lyrics aren't particularly important or clever on this track and then he rhymes "baby boo too" with "woo woo"...

Great mix of rap and just strait hip-hop.

I think this songs overrated I didn't really like the album there were a few good songs not this one

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4 How Much a Dollar Cost

This is probably my favorite song on the album behind The Blacker the berry, his flow is amazing and the beat is pure bliss.

This should be top 3 along with The Blacker The Berry and either you or Hood Politics

Amazing song. Chill vibe. Deep meaning. Lyrics are golden. Really gets you thinking.

It is just beautiful

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5 Alright

It's a banger and one of easiest to vibe to. Never am I not in the mood for this song.

No.5? At least it's in the top 5 but this & Blacker The Berry are the best

You will automaticaly love this song when you heard it for the first time - fuddox

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6 I

This song not only had a fun side to it but also had a deep message about depression which not a lot of rappers have been addressing in there songs

Nice to hear real instruments in a rap song, it's been far too long since that's happened.

One of the most different and best songs rap jhas seen in a long time

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7 Mortal Man

Mortal man to me just has so much emotion and purpose. Kendrick does this in almost all his songs but I felt it in this track a lot like I did in sing about me I'm dying of thirst.

Kendrick Lamar feat. Tupac, what more can you ask for?

The emotion, the way it brings the entire LP together, everything about it is perfect.

good song

8 These Walls

Neo, dreamy, creamy, soul, and surprising beautiful to listen to. it paints a very seductive picture, and was the most fitting instrumentals other than " the blacker the berry"

Love this song, probably my favorite song on this perfect album.

Catchy,groovy AND lyrical(I didn't think that was possible though)

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9 Hood Politics

This song is definitely not boo boo.

I liked the first 30 seconds, and the story stands up to Alright and i. The beat was pretty decent too, I guess. But Kendrick's what were you doing here? Probably in a moot attempt to toss back to his section.80 days, his voice is contorted weirdly high on this song, and it's not pleasant. Especially the chorus, which brought this down to being my least favorite song on the album. It's still good, 4/5 exactly, but it's pretty flawed. - WonkeyDude98

Just read the lyrics. It's pure genius.
With shout outs to Snoop and Killer Mike, to call outs on Congress and music critics, this song is angry, fierce, deep, intellectual, and absolute fire. I mean, "Demo-Crips and Re-Blood-icans"? Just shut up if you're still a hater.
I know the song is kind of off the main storyline of TPAB, but it carries its own message and in my opinion overshadows songs like Blacker the Berry, King Kunta, and Alright.
"Nobody can f*** with you! "

10 Wesley's Theory

By far most underrated song on the list. Amazing storytelling skill.

Second to King Kunta, this song takes whatever is great and unique from the album and puts it to one song without sounding too grandiose; the funk, the beat, the story telling, creative use of sound and the way Kendrick bodies the beat.

George Clinton's vocals the verse where Kendrick plays Uncle Sam are great.

Should be higher but the entire album is so good

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11 Institutionalized

That beat change though and the lyrics have me chills!

Too many people in it that aren't good

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12 Momma

This track is definitely the best on this album. It's insane that it's not higher up but I guess that just goes to show how great this album truly is.

My god how is it here its top 3

Best song on the album

the best

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13 For Free? For Free?

There was a lot of attention for detail in this song. The attitude in the voices of Kendrick and the female character ("I mean, baby,") and the way the piano plays one chord at a time at the end of his rant

I think this song shoulda been the list, his flow and the beat are amazing and he kinda brings back jazz a bit.

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14 For Sale For Sale

Definitely the best song on the album. It's about how Lucy (aka Lucifer, or the music industry) seduces and black artists. It's so catchy and sinister all at once, and the writing is genius. Why it's this low on the list is beyond me.

A song that explores a deep concept reflected throughout the whole album over an interesting and experimental instrumental. This song is my favourite.

This song carries all the meaning of this album for me. It is beautiful and it moves me greatly. Best song by kendrick!

Why is this the worst song? In for sale Kendrick Lamar tells the story of lucifer (aka Lucy) and how it tempted him. One of the best on this album.

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15 Complexion Complexion

Complexion is definitely top 10 on this list. I don't know why it's in last

How are complexion and for free so low?

Complexion should be in the top 3 at least...

Great beat and harmonics

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16 You Ain't Gotta Lie You Ain't Gotta Lie

On of the chillest most lay back, feel good type of beats in the whole album. Definitely top 5, maybe even top 3 on the album

Keep real to yourself if you wanna kick it with Kendrick, I ain't gotta lie to say this is one of my favorite songs on this classic album.

One of my favourite songs on the album. Very layed back and real. The lyrics are very good and the beat sets a great tone for the song.

By far the greatest track on this album obviously much better than the rest

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