Best Songs On Kendrick Lamar's Section.80


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1 HiiiPower

This song kills it's got a great beat and Kendrick's lyrics are incredible!

Incredible song.

This song made the album great.J Cole's production was great & kendrick lamar was doing this thing

2 A.D.H.D.

This song is chill and laid back but the lyrics are intense.

3 Rigamortis

How can you not take one breath on this whole song? Hands down the best song.

Kendrick goes all out In this song.

How is ADHD above this? A good sounding hook can't beat genius lyrics shot at light speed.


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4 Keisha's Song

This song is really deep and tragic but at the same time is mind blowing.

The most real song on Section.80

Amazing song

5 F*** Your Ethnicity

This song has great verses and is very moving.

6 Ronald Reagan Era

This song has a great flow and really demonstrates Kendrick's talent.

7 Hol' Up

This has a jazzy beat and a great flow.

8 The Spiteful Chant

Great song Kendrick shines as does Schoolboy Q.

9 Kush & Corinthians

A bit underrated, although most of the songs on this album have few faults, and even if they do the faults are not monumental and don't remove much quality from the songs.

This song got some sick and clever lyrics. stupidly underrated in my top 15 kendrick songs of all time - ilovelife23

10 No Make-Up

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11 Poe Mans Dreams

This song is catchy and has a great beat.

12 Blow My High (Members Only)

You all are sleeping

RIP Aaliyah

13 Ab-Souls Outro
14 Chapter Six

Best smoking song of all time... it's a trip

15 Tammy's Song (Her Evils)

This song has strange and enjoyable flow

16 Chapter Ten
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1. The Spiteful Chant
2. Hol' Up
3. No Make-Up
1. A.D.H.D.
2. Rigamortis
3. Ronald Reagan Era
1. HiiiPower
2. A.D.H.D.
3. F*** Your Ethnicity

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