Best Songs On Killswitch Engage's As Daylight Dies


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1 Reject Yourself

Oh god why is this at the bottom?! I love this song, it is so ridiculously underrated. Such great melody and riffs and vocals, it really stands it ground among the best. In my opinion should be number three, behind This Fire and My Curse. Damn good.

Incredible song for vocals and instruments

The most underrated Killswitch engage song.

Definitely one of the best KSE songs. The riff, the interlude, the vocals...

2 My Curse

1- My Curse
2- This Fire
3- The Arms Of Sorrow
4- This Is Absolution
5- Holy Diver
6- Let The Bridges Burn
7- Reject Yourself
8- Daylight Dies
9- Break The Silence
10- Eye Of The Storm
11- Desperate Times
12- Still Beats Your Name
13- Unbroken
14- For You
15- Be One

3 This Fire Burns

My First KsE song. I heard it through WWE from the dude CM Punk and it got me into both Killswitch Engage and metalcore music. It's really awesome with some signature Adam D riffs and a nice breakdown in the middle. - MetalFoREVer1228

4 The Arms of Sorrow
5 Holy Diver

Such an amazing cover of a classic

6 This Is Absolution
7 Daylight Dies
8 Eye of the Storm
9 Still Beats Your Name
10 Let the Bridges Burn

The Contenders

11 Break the Silence

Seriously? This low? Bad taste everyone

12 Desperate Times
13 Be One
14 This Fire
15 For You
16 Unbroken
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1. My Curse
2. Daylight Dies
3. The Arms of Sorrow
1. My Curse
2. This Fire Burns
3. The Arms of Sorrow
1. Holy Diver
2. This Fire
3. My Curse

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Album Review no.11: As Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage

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