Best Songs from King Diamond's Them

Them is the third album by Danish heavy metal band King Diamond. Just like his previous album Abigail, it is a concept album about a horror story written by vocalist King Diamond. This one follows the story of the main character's grandmother coming home from an asylum and is found to be able to communicate with ghosts.

The Top Ten

1 Mother's Getting Weaker

As well as being an incredible song in general, it's my personal favourite from the album due to the lyrics approaching on being genuinely upsetting. Listening to the main character talk about how his mother is slowly becoming sick and dying makes me feel slightly ill, which is perfect for a horror story. Missy's desperation further adds to this and the ending screams of "I hate you" are such a chilling way to end the song. - kempokid

2 Welcome Home

This song is great, with high quality drumming and riffs. The lyrics are quite creepy and must also be praised for how funny hearing King Diamond scream GRANNNDMA is. The second half of the song is amazing as well, with a really nice solo. - kempokid

3 The Accusation Chair

A nice, slow paced song that is essentially the climax of the album, having the main character kill grandma. The chaotic, discordant noises made as grandma is getting murdered followed by the fast, galloping riff is my favourite moment on the album as well. - kempokid

4 Bye, Bye, Missy

This song has some of my favourite riffs on the album and contributes to the story significantly, being the point where Missy (the little sister) is chopped up and thrown into the fireplace after disobeying Grandma and destroying a teapot which contributed to the power of "Them" - kempokid

5 Tea

An underrated song for sure, it both sets up the conflict for the album, and has a couple of amazing riffs. When the song picks up the tempo, it becomes amazing. - kempokid

6 The Invisible Guests

The vocal work is really entertaining here, with King Diamond switching between four or five different voices throughout. - kempokid

7 Twilight Symphony

While it's lyrically one of my favourites and is an amazing conclusion to the story, I'm not that keen on it musically compared some others. - kempokid

8 A Broken Spell

A less memorable song with some great bits, but it's an overall weaker track on the album. - kempokid

9 Out from the Asylum

A really nice, eerie track that sets the overall tone of the story. - kempokid

10 Coming Home

Another minute long song, this one solidifies grandma truly being one of the scariest horror villains of all time. - kempokid

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