Best Songs from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's Nonagon Infinity

Nonagon Infinity is the eighth studio album by Australian psychedelic rock band King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. It was released on 29 April 2016 on ATO Records. As with many of the King Gizz albums, this one was created with a particular motif or gimmick in mine. In this case, it was to create an album that as well as working as one seamless piece of music, could also loop back on itself, creating an infinitely looping album.

The Top Ten

1 Road Train

The fast, constant beat hits extremely hard, with this song being a fairly unique one in the King Gizz catalogue, having a very different feel to it compared to almost anything else they've written. I love the much more disciplined sound that the riffs and drums have, never going into the insanity that usually is such a key component of the band, yet never completely abandoning the incredible energy they have. The way this transitions back into Robot Stop is absolutely amazing, having such an amazing build up that all loops perfectly. - kempokid

2 Robot Stop

An absolutely wild opener to the album that prepares the listener for some of the insanity and energy to be found ahead. The vocal passages are extremely catchy, and I love the chorus. The constant, pounding drum beat and the bouncy sound the guitars have further add to this exceptional track. The instrumental section in the middle is also quite good. - kempokid

3 Evil Death Roll

Definitely the peak of insanity that this album has to offer, which is saying quite a lot considering the album this is. I love the riff that permeates quite a sizeable amount of the a song, and I find the chorus to be absolutely wonderful. I also really appreciate the recurring passage of "nonagon infinity opens the door" making yet another appearance. - kempokid

4 Gamma Knife

After 2 songs of extremely similar and constant rhythm, this change into slightly bouncier, more varied rhythm is quite nice. The bassline and the drum solo at around the 3 minute mark are both definite highlights of the song, although the entire thing is one constant bombardment to the ears in the best way possible. - kempokid

5 People-Vultures

The intro is absolutely amazing, and the use of the melody of a riff from Gamma Knife as the central melody of this song is incredibly smart and cool. This song definitely has a very grandiose feel to it all around, which is definitely a contrast to the first three songs on the album. - kempokid

6 Wah Wah

Kirk Hammett's favorite song - shadomatrix

One of the best transitions on the album, essentially continuing on from where Invisible Face left off. The slightly dreamy quality that the vocals have here display how despite this album consistently sounding like one giant song, there is still a decent amount of progression throughout. I like the slower, slightly more dynamic approach this particular song has, and I love the wailing instruments in the background. - kempokid

7 Big Fig Wasp

The transition between this and Robot Stop is absolutely amazing, no matter how many times I hear it. I like the fact that this song continues with an almost identical sound to Robot Stop, even down to repeating riffs and a great use of its chorus, yet manages to change the extremely hyperactive sound of it into something more eerie. - kempokid

8 Invisible Face

Once again using certain passages from previous songs to build the core of a song, once again such a cool thing. I love the sudden change into something much softer and more jazzy in sound compared to the extremely dense sound of the rest of the album. I like how once this section ends, it begins to slow down and become almost distorted. - kempokid

9 Mr. Beat

I feel like this is essentially a culmination of the constant increase in groovy, bouncy rhythms present in the first half of the album, which make an extremely fun, unbelievably catchy song that I can't help but bob up and down to while listening. - kempokid

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