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2011's "Bossaura" is often seen as Kollegah's worst album. It was mostly criticized for its cheap beats and its excessive use of Autotune and other vocal diatortion effects. Nevertheless it was Kollegah's first big hit, and while the reviews weren't as great as usual, they were at least solid. The general consensus was that it was a disappointment in Kollegah's discography yet every other rapper would be proud of it, mostly due to Kollegah's lyrical ability.
The album's overall sound was created in collaboration with newcomer Sun Diego, who would later become famous as SpongeBozz. At that time, he was fascinated with the American Dirty South subgenre and wanted to adapt it for Germany. The work on this album sparked the feud between the two rappers. Sun Diego himself can be heard on three tracks of the standard edition, as well as on one bonus song of the limited deluxe edition.

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1 Bossaura

This song is one of the best known examples of Kollegah's multisyllabic rhyming, especially in the second half almost every syllable seems to rhyme with another. It's 6 minutes of pure rapping. No chorus, no bridge, no instrumental break. Also it has the best beat of the album (which isn't very hard to accomplish, but still it should be mentioned).

Here's a short one minute example, where the rhyming syllables are colored (the beat is a remix): v=RTUh7phNQDY - Martin_Canine

2 Kobrakopf

While the song "Bossaura" is a perfect showcase for Kollegah's lyrical ability, "Kobrakopf" is one of his catchiest songs. He actually gets overshadowed by his two guest artists Farid Bang and especially Haftbefehl. Haftbefehl's pure flow. He's not very lyrical, but his flow is just insane. It's as if he never stops to catch his breath. And Farid Bang is just being Farid Bang, the light version of Kollegah. - Martin_Canine

3 Mondfinsternis
4 Du
5 Billionaire's Club
6 Flex, Sluts, Rock'n Roll
7 Business Paris
8 Kokayne
9 Drugs in Den Jeans

How can such a beat end up on a professional release?
I get that the album is inspired by an American subgenre of hip hop... but did they really need to imitate Soulja Boy's beat work quality-wise? - Martin_Canine

10 Undercover

The Contenders

11 Für Immer (Intro)
12 I.H.D.P.
13 Money
14 H & F
15 Das Licht (Outro)
16 Bad Girl
17 Spotlight
18 Jetlag
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