Best Songs on Kollegah's Zuhältertape, Vol. 3


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1 Rotlichtmassaker

Kollegah and SpongeBozz (before he was SpongeBozz and long before he got famous), propably Germany's two lyrically most skilled rappers, together on a track over a great beat, each giving an amazing performance featuring witty word play, multisyllabic rhyming and perfect double time parts (even though the song is kind of glorifying violence and is a bit... well, very misogynic, but both of the artists portray a stage persona, so I guess they don't lose points for that).
Unfortunately, they started a feud later on that still goes on and propably doesn't end so soon. I really wish they had released a collaboration album before. It would have blown away everything. - Martin_Canine

2 Endlösung
3 Fahrenheit
4 Hiroshima
5 Millennium
6 180 Grad
7 Selfmade Kings
8 Westside
9 Amsterdam
10 Internationaler Player

The Contenders

11 Hoodtales I
12 Lovesong Reloaded

Yes, "thugs need love too" songs also exist in German hip hop. - Martin_Canine

13 Zuhälterrap
14 Angeberprollrap 2
15 Hoodtales III
16 Intro
17 Outro

Fun fact for Metal fans: there's an extremely fast and high pitched voice in the background throughout the song. If you pitch it down REALLY REALLY much and slow it down equally, you'll hear a great song you may know.
Doesn't change that this high pitched voice screws up the outro, making this the only flaw of this great album. - Martin_Canine

18 Hoodtales II
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