Best Songs on Korn and Slipknot's Self-Titled Albums

The Top Ten

1 Blind - Korn
2 Wait and Bleed - Slipknot

This sound of the song will never ever get old number 1 it's a classic slipknot song number 2 this song Wait And Bleed it's in a soundtrack horror film called scream 3 and the final one question number 3 it's the very first slipknot single song was released first and that's why I love it
Because I am a Slipknot Maggot. Slipknot maggots and Slipknot fans forever stay Heavy

3 Daddy - Korn
4 Shoots and Ladders - Korn
5 Eyeless - Slipknot
6 Clown - Korn
7 (Sic) - Slipknot
8 Helmet In the Bush - Korn
9 Spit It Out - Slipknot
10 Purity - Slipknot
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