Best Songs from Lady Gaga's Artpop and Born This Way


The Top Ten

1 Applause
2 Born This Way

ARTPOP sucks, it's a mainstream electro album with profanity lyrics, so so silly, and boring!
Born This Way is a masterpiece, a song alone is better than all the songs from Artpop together!

3 Schieße
4 Government Hooker
5 You and I
6 Marry the Night
7 Bloody Mary
8 Artpop
9 The Edge of Glory
10 Gypsy

Gypsy is my fave! The only good song on ARTPOP, the rest are crap

The Contenders

11 Americano
12 G.U.Y.
13 Dope

Amazing song

14 Donatella

Gaga is still going strong, and this song proves it. This is Artpop summed up in 4 and a half minutes. DONATELLA!

15 Do What U Want
16 Judas

Blood pumping, energy driving, soul creating song. AWESOME. JUDAS, JUDAAAHH!

17 Venus
18 Fashion!
19 Sexxx Dreams


20 Aura
21 Hair
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Top Remixes

1. Marry the Night
2. Applause
3. Schieße
1. You and I
2. Edge of Glory
3. Born This Way
1. Applause
2. Government Hooker
3. Born This Way


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