Best Songs From Lady Gaga's The Fame & The Fame Monster


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1 Bad Romance

Bad Romance is unbeatable in my opinion Lady Gaga wouldn't be human if she did a better song applause is close but still doesn't beat it - 99sjohnson

An iconic pop song, different from everything else. This song will be remembered for generations.

This song is ENTICING. I love it! Best Gaga Song Ever! No other songs compare to this one!

2 Dance in the Dark

Baby I can Dance in the Dark...

What a pity I wasn't a single, I is one of the best songs she has, much more better than "POKER FACE" or "JUST DANCE" or "ALEJANDRO".

This and bad romance are definitely the best on the fame monster. Pity it wasn't a single, it has so much potential

It was until they forced her to make Alejandro the last single. - onlyway

The best song on The Fame Monster.

I love this song.

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3 Poker Face

Poker face is not from the fame monster?

4 Alejandro
5 Just Dance

So amazing! 10/10 - Hotheart123

6 Paparazzi

This song is absolutely genius. It Gaga's best song by far.

7 Telephone

In my opinion this is the second best from the fame monster (behind bad romance) and her second best overall

The best song!

8 So Happy I Could Die

So Happy I Could Die and it's alright

9 Speechless
10 Lovegame

The Contenders

11 Monster

He ate my heart he a-a-ate my heart, this song is amazing, it is like a mix of "I like it Rough" and "Bad Romance", this song is not famous enough, I think that if it were a single could probably be more liked by people than #Telephone" or "Alejandro

I love this so much

12 The Fame
13 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
14 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

I love it I could listen to it all the time its a great song!

15 Boys Boys Boys
16 Teeth
17 I Like It Rough
18 Paper Gangsta
19 Brown Eyes


20 Money Honey
21 Summerboy
22 Retro, Dance, Freak
23 Starstruck
24 Again Again
25 Disco Heaven
26 Fashion
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