Top Ten Songs from Lady Gaga's Joanne

The Top Ten Songs from Lady Gaga's Joanne

1 Joanne

Best song of all time! - webberfan17

Song of the century.

This list for me is pretty dam right! - 23MACCAja

Best song ever!

2 Million Reasons

Beautiful, just beautiful

Simply the best of album and one of the best of all time

3 Perfect Illusion

Underrated and misunderstood!

4 John Wayne

Really better than all songs in album - uhnuu

Best song on the album! - Bayano1

5 Dancin' in Circles

This form of dance track from Gaga is so fun!

Extremely catchy bridge and chorus!

Shame that wasn't single...

6 Diamond Heart

It's so lyrically powerful and catchy it just makes me wanna forget everything that makes me upset and feel low and get up and dance and yell "I'm not flawless but I've got a diamond heart! "

I love this song! I drive my sister crazy with it!

7 A-YO
8 Angel Down
9 Sinner's Prayer
10 Hey Girl

The Contenders

11 Come to Mama
12 Just Another Day

A nice "60s song"

13 Grigio Girls

One of my favorites❤️

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