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1 The Blackest Day The Blackest Day

I could listen to this song on repeat all day and I'd never get tired

I was already addicted to Lana but this song got me hooked to Honeymoon, its such a surreal and beautiful song

Lana del rey helps me express myself to me.

Beautiful and raw song.

2 High by the Beach High by the Beach

This song has the most views of all of her honeymoon songs on YouTube, it was her second honeymoon release, it was released to the radio, it has the best honeymoon video, and much more.

All I wanna do is get high by my bose speaker while Lana soothes me into and eternal slumber, where I'll see all the beaches I'll ever want to see.

I feel high by the beach when I listen to this song

3 Terrence Loves You Terrence Loves You

Beautiful in every aspect, it's honestly a religious experience sitting down and taking in this breath of life. When I found out the meaning behind 'Space Oddity' I felt something special. The ambience that makes it feel as if you're in some blank space in the television or in a radio adds a perfect tone of melancholy to Lana asking: 'is it strange that you're not here with me? ' Yes, Lana, we feel your because you transmitted it to us along with your talent. The epitome of perfect. Ground control to Major Tom, nominate her for a Grammy, winning all night long...

One of my favourite songs. Love

With the references to Space Oddity, the lyrical masterpiece that is the chorus, and beauty of her voice come together to make a jazzy, powerful song that I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO!

So jazzy and so Lana! The lyrics are so stunning, and the song so haunting yet hopeful. It shows off her voice beautifully and stands out in an album that's marvelous already.

4 Freak

Absolutely stunning song. When the beat drops it's so unexpected but so smooth and absolutely breathtaking in the chorus. Lana del Rey meets pop = pure genius

Seems soft and sultry and suddenly the chorus creeps up and makes you want to break out the flower crown and dance in slow motion.

This song was my anthem when I went to California to see her. If you ever get the chance to see her live take it! for some reason the experience legit doesn't feel like it really happened probably because of the weed. Anyhow GREAT SONG EASILY ONE OF THE BEST AND GETS ME GOING!

The most beautiful and sexy one - isywe

5 Salvatore

This song is at the same time so hypnotic and dark. Her voice is so hauntingly beautiful. When I listen to Salvatore, I can feel the loneliness on a warm night.

There's something alluring and hypnotic behind this song that won't let me find out what it is, I love it. 'Dying by the hand of a foreign man, happily? ' More like, dying by the voice of our almighty lord and savior, Lana Del Rey.

Absolutely the best. Salvatore has a haunting chorus I cannot forget. But 24 and swan song are really good though

Pure heaven

6 Music to Watch Boys To

This is the sneaky song that, two years from now, you'll wonder how it wasn't your favorite right away.

Best song on the album.

I don't know why it isn't on top 3😰

7 God Knows I Tried

Perfect song

8 Honeymoon

The masterpiece of the album. Outstanding!

Beautiful song and lyrics... Deserves to be in the top 5 with mtwbt

9 Art Deco

Gotta be

Art Deco
God Knows
Swan Song (What the HELL? Last? )
Terrence Loves You
High By the Beach
Music to watch Boys to
The Blackest Day

Cutoff for good songs

Don't let me be Misunderstood (A misstep in my opinion)

Don't let me be Misunderstood has a vintage melody and feel to it. I find it one of the stronger songs, so deep and melancholic. - mood333

This song has trap beats yet is jazzy. Love the psychedelic subtleties in this song. definitely the best in the album.

10 Swan Song

This song is beautiful. At first, I was never really a fan, but then I listened to it on vinyl and it was so beautiful and set apart from the rest. Music to watch boys to and Swan song have this feel to it that just makes you feel like you are in a pool of roses by a waterfall all by yourself, just so peaceful. This song deserves so much more recognition, I love it so much..

Am I the only one who realizes how beautiful this one is? Favorite with MTWBT

It's the best song...should be higher

This should be way higher up

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11 Religion

This is actually one of her best songs she’s ever made, this should be MUCH higher

Beautiful, just like that, human, inoccent, crazy in love.

Why is this song not higher?

The song about what fans sing to her, Lana is my Jesus Christ, to be honest.

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12 24

What this song is so underrated

What it should be on top 5

13 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Underrated and Misunderstood! - mood333

14 Burnt Norton
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