Top Ten Songs on Lana Del Rey's Lust for Life

The Top Ten

1 Heroin

So emotional!

I'm listening to this song repeatedly and right now, I can only think of how strange and fantastic it sounds. it's wonderful!

My favorite - TheParable

2 Love

Instant classic.


3 Cherry

The vocals are great in this song. This song sounds a bit like Shades Of Cool.

The production of this song is everything, could've been the 3rd single. The backing vocals create such a dark atmosphere and her vocals are flawless.

1. Cherry
2. Tomorrow Never Came
3. In My Feelings

Relatable lol :') </3

4 Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind

Good news everyone! The song will be included on the album. - mood333

This song isn't in the album, yet. - PhenomentalOne


1. Coachella
2. Love
3. Lust for Life
4. Change
5. Summer Bummer

5 13 Beaches

Eerie and beautiful.


6 Get Free

It is nice, but the fact that it sounds so much like Radiohead's "Creep" is ruining it for me. - mood333

Best song on the album with Heroine. All tea

7 God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women in It
8 When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing
9 Lust for Life

Best song!

Her and Abel’s voices just gel and fit together to create this amazing harmony! A perfect song! Right next to Old Money!

10 Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems

Amazing song! Stevie and Lana are legends

The Contenders

11 In My Feelings

Definitely the strongest song in the album. Reminds me of her roots with it's femme fatale vibes.

Great song

12 Change

AMAZING song! - mood333

13 Tomorrow Never Came

Best songs on this album

14 Summer Bummer

To be honest, this song deserves to be higher on the list, its beautiful.

15 White Mustang

The beat in this song is so good.

16 Groupie Love
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