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1 West Coast


This hypnotized me. Best album ever created

This song is so hypnotically good.

Stunning. The contrast between the upbeat verses and the dreamy chorus is mesmerizing, and never gets old. One of her best songs.

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2 Old Money

The most beautiful storytelling in the history of songwriting.

This track is very reminiscent of Lana's Born to Die album. One could speculate, as I do, that it's similar to Young and Beautiful, as a more melancholic version, and possibly was even written at the same time. Although lots of critics claim the lyrics to be vague, I believe that Lana paints her picture beautifully, and it is no doubt my favorite track on the album.

Liked it better when I didn't knew she took for the verse melody Nino Rota's Romeo and Juliet love theme. I don't think she even gave credits to him in the ultraviolence booklet

If you listen to it close it almost sounds like it was written for the great gatsby movie like young and beautiful was. If not, it at least has similar imagery etc.

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3 Brooklyn Baby

This is the best song on Lana's discography

This song is a satire. It makes fun of people who try too hard to be unique/different/cool.

Lana Del Rey is my Brooklyn Baby.

Best song on the album. Such sad beauty in her voice.

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4 Ultraviolence

the best

Brilliant. I am new to Lana Del Rey so I am binge-listening. Since I have come to the songs fresh all at once I am in a good position to compare them to each other (all of them, not just this record). There are so many creative, original, imaginative songs it's hard to pick but this one is the best on this album.

This is the best. I guarantee.

Possibly the best Lana Del Rey song ever!

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5 Shades of Cool

This song is stylish a la James Bond, delivers beautiful vocals from Lana and also an emotionally powerful story in its lyrics

Her voice is just so perfect on that record!

Her vocals shine so much in this song!

Her most cinematic and lush song to date

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6 Cruel World


This is the most powerful song of her career

Best song on the album

Song of the decade

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7 Pretty When You Cry

This should be 5 tiers higher... Such a killer song.

This melody is so addictive.

8 F***** My Way Up to the Top

Very amazing song. Fell in love at first sight

"I'm a dragon, you're a whore, don't even know what you're good for" - Is there more to say?

9 Black Beauty

Lyricism is incredible; the imagery of painting the world black in order to appease someone. Her voice is clear, strong, and beautiful. Just amazing.

This song is my thing! The beautiful verse bursts into the chrorus. This the one of the best rock songs on the album.

Beautiful, well executed song. Lana Del Rey's vocals are amazing, it puts me in a mood that is nothing but peaceful bliss and a reminiscing state of mind. This would have to be my favourite tracks on ultraviolence.

A beautiful storyteller. Lana's vocals are perfect, and the song blends in with Ultraviolence's sound perfectly, while also being one of the stand out tracks on the album.

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10 Money, Power, Glory

Why the hell isn't this higher? This song represents everything Lana Del Rey is. It's basically her persona summed up in one song. The vocals are incredible, the lyrics and emotions are well-balanced. Perfect.

Just perfect. I really don't know how Lana fans did not like this album. Its all Lana, every note of it. Very sad, very melancolic and very powerful.

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11 Flipside

Best song on the album, pure Lana del Rey, makes ache in melancholy.

Best song I've ever heard! Its introspective guitar notes just kill it.

Has a soft-grudge melancholy feel

Not on her

12 Sad Girl

I love this song! So much rhythm, and the instruments! This is so good!

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13 The Other Woman

I like the meaning of this song. Lana Del Rey sings about her lover's mistress who appears to be very pleasant and lead a perfect life, but will never know true love because of her dependence on love affairs with people who are taken/married.

The other woman is probably one of my favorites on Ultraviolence, mostly because of the lyrics and also because of her voice, which is perfect. I admire her so much for her music

A gorgeous cover of a Nina Simone song.

Love this song

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14 Florida Kilos

One of my favourite lana songs. PERFECTION.

Upbeat but fits with Ultraviolence perfectly

I love the vibes from this song

Best song on Ultraviolence

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15 Guns and Roses

One of her worst songs in my opinion

This record is so wonderful! Her voice is so addictive in this track.

16 Is This Happiness

Amazing... I can't begin to describe how much I absolutely love this song. Definitely one of my favorite songs off the album if not my absolute favorite.

The pure hurt and pain in her voice, the short, but beautiful story... It's perfect.

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