Best Songs from Lecrae's Anomaly

A list of the best songs from the new album by Lecrae entitled "Anomaly".

The Top Ten

1 Nuthin
2 Say I Won't
3 Messengers
4 All I Need Is You
5 Dirty Water
6 Wish

YEE! on itunes this song ain't rated well at all, deserves to be high up

7 Runners
8 Give In
9 Fear
10 Anomaly

The Contenders

11 Broken

My favorite song in this album - paasadani

Love the song

12 Welcome to America
13 Timepiece

Come on this is one of the best songs on the album! Its catchy and deep. I guess the album doesn't really have a bad song, but still number 1 or 2

14 Outsiders
15 Good, Bad, Ugly
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